COVID-19 Information Standards SNAP updates

This update is to provide a current summary of activity relating to COVID-19 in relation to products and services under the remit of the Terminology and Classifications Service within NHS Digital.

  • Issue 1: 15th April 2020

    Resources available

    For end users:

    A diagram has been published to enable clinical staff to quickly identify the COVID-19 related terms for entry into patient records, along with a description of their meaning if needed. The main focus for this is General Practice as all systems are able to make these standardised terms available. In other settings, users are encouraged to use these descriptions, where applicable, even if they do not have SNOMED CT available in their system.

    For suppliers, information managers, CIOs, CCIOs

    The next release of the UK Clinical Edition is 22 April 2020. This is a special interim release to support data recording related to COVID-19. Details of content below.


    Classifications ICD-10 and OPCS-4

    Guidance on the use of the ICD-10 ‘emergency use’ codes for COVID-19 is available.


    Pathology tests and results

    The current focus is to support a range of data flows of pathology test requests and results ranging from lab-lab, to lab-GP, to lab-hospital.  In addition, point of care recording using nationally standardised text is under development. See the table below for the content relating to pathology tests and test results that will be published in the 22 April 2020 release.  Appropriate guidance on the use of these codes is currently being developed in collaboration with the Pathology Standards  Governance Board, and will be available at the time of the April release on this site.


    SNOMED CT Clinical and Drug Extensions

    UK SNOMED Drug releases will continue to be every 4 weeks as current.

    A number of interim UK SNOMED CT Clinical Edition releases are planned to align with the UK Drug release in order to be able to respond quickly to clinical need for COVID-19 related recording.

    The following concepts will be published to support COVID-19 in a release of the UK Clinical Extension on 22 April 2020.

    (Note: those in green relate specifically to pathology):




    The next planned release of the UK SNOMED CT Clinical Edition is 22 May 2020.

    The next planned full release of the UK SNOMED CT Clinical Edition is 01 October.

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