Education and Training

Please find below Education and Training materials that may be of use to you, together with links to other documents, videos and related resources. Please feel free to contact us with any ideas of other materials that you would like developing.

An Introduction to Pathology Information Standards

What the NHS National Pathology Team do (download). This is a good starting point and provides a high level overview of what the NHS National Pathology Team do and the areas we are working on.

This short Pathology Overview video explains why Pathology is important and what it means to us.

9 Reasons to Standardise Coding – This fact sheet looks at 9 reasons why it’s important to standardise coding in Pathology including the vision, how it can be achieved, the benefits of using standards and how they will help pathologists across all NHS organisations.

The Journey of a Pathology Test - This video provides an overview of the end-to-end process of a clinician requesting a Pathology test through to the test results being returned and discussed with the patient.

A Pathology Test/Result from the GP and Pathologists Point of View – this short video takes you through the process from both the GP and Pathologists point of view, highlighting some of the issues that may be encountered along the way.

Use the links below for more specific education and training materials.