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  • National Pathology and Diagnostics September 2020 Newsletter

    UTL release schedule

    Dear all,

    In our previous newsletter we notified you of the publication of the latest iteration of the Unified test list v0.5.0 in human readable form on our Pathology and Diagnostics Kahootz site.

    The 139 new concepts in this 1st July release included a sample of microorganism nucleic acid SNOMED CT reporting concepts by presence of RNA/DNA, and a  sample of microorganism susceptibility to antimicrobial SNOMED CT reporting concepts.

    We would like to thank all those who attended the last PINUG meeting and subsequent UTL feedback workshop where we presented an overview of the UTL v0.5.0 release, received critical SME feedback on the release content and solicited interest from LIMS suppliers and providers in setting up focused sub groups to address questions relating our Pathology information standards in development (UTL, Units of measure and FHIR message specification).

    For those subscribed to TRUD you will have recently received a notification regarding the revised autumn 2020 schedule for UK SNOMED releases. As previously communicated, we have made the decision to align the release schedule of the UTL PaLM extension module on TRUD with the UK edition release schedule.

    The next UTL release (v0.6.0) will therefore coincide with the next major UK edition release, scheduled for the 4th November.

    Pathology Informatics National User group (PINUG)

    The Pathology Informatics National User Group (PINUG) aims to encourage a two-way dialogue between NHS Digital and other interested parties, allowing us to successfully align with all stakeholder group requirements.   

    The group meets every two months via MS Teams and consists of clinicians, diagnostic professionals and system suppliers.  The meetings are chaired by our lead clinician, who is a member of the Royal College of Pathologists (RCPath).

    The next PINUG is scheduled to take place on 8th September and will involve a discussion around the UTL v0.5.0 release feedback received at the UTL workshop in July, further information relating to the Proposed PINUG subgroups and recently updated education and training materials

    If you would like to be part of the PINUG please email us at for regular meeting invites and updates.

    Our work with the Professional Records Standards Body (PRSB)

    The Pathology business product team have recently undertaken a procurement exercise for the provision of Terminology skills and subject matter expertise to support strategic Pathology activities and are pleased to announce that the Professional Records Standards Body (PRSB) have been commissioned for this work.

    The PRSB will build and establish artefacts to showcase the feasibility of using our Pathology information standards in live systems, and will identify key stakeholders for 'first of type' demonstrators fit for submission to the Data coordination Board as evidence for replacement of the PBCL and replacement for EDIFACT Pathology messaging.

    Webinar: An introduction to SNOMED CT in Pathology 

    We have recently published a pre-recorded webinar on the Education and Training area of our Pathology and Diagnostics Kahootz site.

    This webinar provides a basic understanding of SNOMED CT and illustrates how to use a browser to find terms as well as different ways of searching. 

    The main themes covered are:

    • What is SNOMED CT?
    • Why SNOMED CT?
    • SNOMED CT Content - Using Browser
    • Subsets (Refsets)
    • Useful information on SNOMED CT

    The webinar recording is now available to view here

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