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  • Pathology and Diagnostics January 2021 Newsletter

    Unified Test List v0.6.0 released 

    The Pathology business product team recently published (v0.6.0) of the Unified Test List (UTL), on the Pathology and diagnostics collaborative workspace for beta review by the Pathology stakeholder community to ensure operational usability and acceptance.

    In line with our recently published revised product roadmap the January release continues to focus on Blood Sciences Reporting requirements and will aim to align the Pathology Bounded Code list and recent COVID tactical solution with the strategic UTL Model.

    UTL v0.6.0 

    This release includes:

    1) Outstanding blood science concepts from local lists - 288

    2) Immunology concepts – 107 Allergen Components, and 69 Autoantibodies

    3) PBCL blood science gap concepts – 80 plasma level, and 48 blood level

    Please note, the sample of microorganism nucleic acid SNOMED CT reporting concepts by presence of RNA/DNA in release 0.5.0 have been removed from this 0.6.0 release. Following feedback from the PINUG subgroup expert review and escalation to the PSGB and the UK SNOMED CT Edition Committee, the “presence” qualitative interpretation result pattern is under further user research and investigation.

    The columns for the attributes including substance, property and specimen are included purely for information. They are in development. No use of these columns is planned at this stage. They will ultimately be used to formally classify the SNOMED content using the observable entity concept model, where the attributes and corresponding values will be used to create the SNOMED CT machine readable description logic definitions.

    Please use the links below to access the updated UTL v0.6.0 documentation.

    To provide feedback on the release as a whole, please use the UTL discussion forum or email

    We are also trialling a mechanism to allow users to easily send feedback or questions to us on a specific UTL concept, via a link on each item in the downloadable HTML-format review copy of the UTL. Please download the UTL v0.6.0 release and use the “feedback link” displayed against each line item in the HTML documents within the review package zip file.

    As a Pathology and Diagnostics stakeholder, you will shortly receive an invitation for a workshop on the 10th February where the team will provide an overview of the release and address any feedback received.

    User-Centred Design

    Over the last couple of weeks, we have engaged with a wide network of stakeholders looking for potential participants for the user research sessions. We have managed to speak to a couple of GPs and laboratory technicians on the ground with further interviews planned, including microbiologist subject matter experts.

    We are still in the process of finding the right users to speak with, using all the available routes to avoid research bias. In the upcoming weeks, we will continue recruiting users and analysing the findings, translating the conversations into user needs and personas to support the ongoing development.

    Kind regards

    National Pathology and Diagnostics

    NHS Digital

    By Chris Hood 1 year ago

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  • UK SNOMED CT Clinical Edition, RF2 - new releases

    New releases of ‘UK SNOMED CT Clinical Edition, RF2’ items are now available:

    The format of the SNOMED CT UK Editions will change on 19 May 2021.

    Read more on the format change, release news and important SNOMED CT UK Edition scheduling information on the SNOMED CT: Important Notices & Known Issues page on Delen.

    Read the SNOMED CT UK Clinical Extension Release Documentation on Delen.

    For TRUD issues, email or telephone 0300 303 4777 weekdays between 9:00am and 5:00pm.


    By Chris Hood 1 year ago

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