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  • UTL v0.8.0 released

    In line with the NHS Digital Pathology and Diagnostics Product Roadmap we are pleased to announce that version 0.8.0 of the Unified Test List has now been published in human-readable form on our collaboration space.

    This release includes updates to the following domains:

    • Chemical pathology
    • Haematology
    • Microbiology

    The Human readable release now has 3985 SNOMED CT concepts in total and the Machine readable release has 3162.

    An overview presentation of the release content is available to view here .

    The human readable release is provided in three parts:

    • PBCL (Pathology Bounded Code List) request codes and Covid-19 request codes

    Panels/groups and high-volume single test requests – 225 concepts

    Screening test requests – 131 concepts

    • Outstanding PBCL reportable codes and Covid-19 reportable codes (included in the main Report code set file) – 133 concepts.
    • Concepts representing the “qualitative result of presence” including Covid-19 codes – 447 concepts (including updates to codes published in 0.7.0)

    The concepts representing the “qualitative interpretation of presence” was flagged as an area that may be ambiguous in use.

    To establish a consensus from users and stakeholders we have published this terminology pattern as Qualitative Result alongside the main content but separate from the core terminology recorded in the machine-readable form, to solicit further beta feedback on the preferred pattern for these concepts.

    The columns for the attributes including substance, property and specimen are included in the release files purely for information. They will ultimately be used to formally classify the SNOMED content using the observable entity concept model, where the attributes and corresponding values will be used to create the SNOMED CT machine readable description logic definitions.

    Please use the links below to access the updated supporting documentation:

     Please provide feedback via: 

    As a Pathology and Diagnostics stakeholder, you will have received an invitation for a kick-off meeting and workshop, on 28th May and 9th June respectively, where the team will provide an overview of the release and aim to address any feedback received.

    By Chris Hood 1 year ago

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  • UK SNOMED CT Clinical Edition, RF2 - new releases

    New releases of ‘UK SNOMED CT Clinical Edition, RF2’ items are now available:

    The format of the SNOMED CT UK Editions has changed.

    Read more on the format change and other important SNOMED CT UK Edition information on the SNOMED CT: Important Notices & Known Issues page on Delen.

    Legacy-format releases of the SNOMED CT UK Editions are now released under the UK SNOMED CT test releases item on TRUD. The final release using this format will be on 14 July 2021.

    Read the SNOMED CT UK Clinical Extension Release Documentation on Delen.

    For TRUD issues, email or telephone 0300 303 4777 weekdays between 9:00am and 5:00pm.


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    By Chris Hood 1 year ago

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