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  • UTL v1.0.0 released

    In line with the NHS Digital Pathology and Diagnostics Product Roadmap we are pleased to announce that version 1.0.0 of the Unified Test List (UTL) has now been published in human-readable form on our collaboration space.

    Following approval of the DAPB4017 Pathology Test and Results Information Standard by the Data Alliance Partnership Board in August we are pleased to announce that this version of the Unified Test List has also been published as part of the SNOMED CT UK Clinical Edition 32.5.0 as the SNOMED CT UK Pathology Extension.

    UTL is now formally part of SNOMED CT UK with a status of ‘Draft For Trial Use’ as defined in the IReS Terminology Product Development Lifecycle (external PDF) and future Live and Beta releases of the UTL will reflect versioning aligned to the appropriate SNOMED CT UK Clinical Edition.

    This release contains 4,220 SNOMED CT concepts:

    • 3866 reportable observable entities
    • 354 requestable procedure codes
    • Replacements for all legacy Pathology Bounded Code List concepts
    • Full coverage for Blood Sciences and Microbiology specialisms

    The Machine readable release can be found here.

    The Human readable release can be found here.  

    An overview presentation of the release content is available to view here   

    Please note, the columns for the attributes including substance, property and specimen are included in the release files purely for information. Please use the links below to access the updated supporting documentation:

     Please provide feedback via: 

    By Chris Hood 1 year ago

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