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  • Establishment of The Pathology Standards Governance Board (PSGB)


    In collaboration with the Professional Records Standards Body (PRSB), the NHS Digital Pathology Business product team have recently established a cross-organisational expert group for governing proposed Pathology information standards created.  The Pathology Standards Governance Board (PSGB)  will provide oversight of the development, maintenance and release of the UTL with SNOMED CT concepts, including the Units of Measure (UoM) and pathology standard-related elements which are agreed by the board.

    The Governance Board comprises core members who oversee the development and maintenance of the UTL and extended members, who provide advice, support and feedback whilst keeping their organisations informed and facilitating endorsement where relevant.

    Core membership: Governance board core members will be drawn from, but not restricted to the following key stakeholder groups:

    Test developers, diagnostics and test reporters

    Royal College of Pathologists – (elements: SAC delegates for the disciplines, Clinical effectiveness/professional standards, Pathology Informatics Committee)

    IBMS– Institute of Biomedical Science

    PINUG – Pathology Informatics National User Group

    BIVDA – British In Vitro Diagnostics Association

    NHSD – IReS (expertise in relation to pathology programme, terminology, messaging)

    NPEX- National Pathology Exchange

    End users with technical roles and expertise (test requesters and report recipients)

    Royal College of GPs

    Other Royal Colleges, if required (e.g. RC Emergency Medicine)

    Patient/Lay representation  

    CIO/CCIO network

    Extended membership:  extended members will be drawn from the following colleges, organisations and networks who have expressed an interest in being engaged:

    Royal College of Psychiatrists

    Royal College of Nursing

    Royal Pharmaceutical society

    Secondary uses services (DCB/ DSAS and/ or National registries e.g. renal, cancer, diabetics registries)

    HL7 UK

    GP and secondary care IT suppliers

    Pathology LIMS suppliers




    ACB – Association of Clinical Biochemists

    Additional organisations may be included if they feel it is in their interest to be consulted and the Board agrees. This includes:

    Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health

    Royal College of Physicians

    Royal College of Midwives

    Royal College of Surgeons

    Royal College of Obstetrics & Gynaecology

    Allied Health Professionals

    By Chris Hood 2 years ago

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  • NHS Digital Workshop – 'Role of SNOMED CT, FHIR and other standards in addressing Clinical & Business needs in Lab Medicine (Pathology)


    SNOMED International April 2020 Business Meetings

    Venue: Waldorf Hilton Hotel, London

    Date: 9th April 2020

    Time: 09:00-17:00



    This workshop will focus on Business/Clinical Needs in Lab Medicine (Pathology) and the role of Information Standards

    NHS Digital is the National Release Centre for SNOMED CT & other terminology and information standards for England. As part of a strategic national programme (CCIO7) envisioned by NHSx & NHS England, the National Pathology Information Standards team within NHS Digital have been working on enabling interoperability of laboratory medicine (pathology) tests and results across healthcare. In collaboration with our partners & stakeholders in the wider NHS, we have established the standards for `basic pathology` (biochemistry & haematology). Based on feedback received to date, we will be extending these standards to cover microbiology this year. We are however aware of existing clinical and business requirements in other lab medicine (pathology) & diagnostic disciplines. The scope of these needs (& challenges) are international in nature.

    To facilitate a discussion on the clinical/business needs across a wide range of national & international stakeholders & collaborators, NHS Digital have partnered with SNOMED International to hold a workshop as part of the SNOMED Business Meeting in April 2020. We have had expressions of interest and support from:

    1. National bodies across England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland,
    2. Professional bodies like Royal College of Pathology
    3. Leading NHS organisations
    4. International Initiatives like TRUU Lab

    We welcome participation from interested participants in other member SNOMED member countries and anyone else with an interest in this area! We have limited spaces available. So please register your place by emailing or



    2: Agenda

    • Business Needs
      • Clinical/Business drivers - experience sharing from different country representatives 
      • Experience of standardisation to date - challenges & successes from different country representatives 
      • Future of Pathology & Diagnostic Medicine
    • Standards - how they address those needs/challenges above
      • Pathology Information Standards
        • SNOMED CT
        • FHIR
        • Units of Measure
      • Future of Pathology Information Standards - Internationally

    By Chris Hood 2 years ago

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  • FHIR awareness events

    As part of NHS Digital’s role in establishing FHIR in the UK health sector and also to communicate our approach to delivering a FHIR UK Core, we are holding some awareness days:

    Leeds - Tuesday 25th February 2020

    London - Thursday 19th March 2020

    Birmingham - Tuesday 21st April 2020

    These awareness days are free of charge to attend and are for those in roles who want to learn about the FHIR UK Core. Those attending will:

    • Find out more about who HL7UK are and what they do.
    • Get an introduction to what FHIR is.
    • Learn about the FHIR UK Core.
    • Hear from the Ministry of Defence as to how they are planning to use FHIR.
    • Be ‘walked through’ a practical exercise using the UK Core to create and validate a message instance.

    By Chris Hood 2 years ago

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  • Pathology and Diagnostics education and training survey

    Recently we informed you that we had published an education & training page on our Pathology and Diagnostics collaborative workspace to provide you with materials to support you in your transition to SNOMED CT.

    There is already a wealth of useful resources and information on the webpage including: introductory guides, case studies, technical resources and animations which we encourage you to share with colleagues.

    As noted in the recent Pathology Informatics National User Group (PINUG) meeting, we are keen to gather feedback on your priorities for further training materials so that we can develop bespoke content that meets the needs of our stakeholders.

    With this in mind, we would like to invite you to participate in the following electronic survey:

    Please note the survey will close on 30th November at 5pm

    By Chris Hood 2 years ago

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  • NHS Digital: SNOMED CT Implementation Forum

    NHS Digital have recently had a number of requests to re-commence the implementation forum that addressed both SNOMED CT and dm+d.

    As our Pathology stakeholders we feel you might be interested in participating in some of these wider SNOMED CT implementation discussions.

    We plan to hold the sessions on the last Tuesday of every alternate month starting in November.

     The initial session will be a skype meeting and will take place 26th November at 11:00-13:00


    If you are interested in attending this session, Please email to receive a  calendar invitation for the event and instructions on how to join


    By Chris Hood 2 years ago

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  • Unified Test List version 0.2 released - October 2019

    In our June 2019 Newsletter we informed you that a human readable version of the Unified Test list (V 0.13) had been published on our Pathology and Diagnostics collaboration site.

    The UTL was also published as part of the biannual SNOMED CT release on TRUD as a technical refset artefact for download. (note: not available as a separate download). This was available to TRUD subscribers as part of the 1/6/2019 (27.0) biannual release.

    (Refset ID: 999004541000000101 UTL (Unified Test List) result observables simple reference set)

    Since this last update we have refined our approach to developing the UTL:

    Using the Trusts test lists that have been kindly provided, we have identified a pattern of information for blood sciences, aligned with information required for the Data Model and in this release cycle have been adding new content by category e.g. amino acids, sugars and ratios.

    We have also been focussing on other improvements in the background to increase the scale of output going forward

    We are pleased to announce that the human readable October 2019 release of the UTL is now available to view on the UTL page of our collaborative workspace here

    As mentioned  in our September newsletter we have also now published the UTL as a  Pathology and Laboratory Medicine SNOMED CT RF2 beta extension module on TRUD  

    alongside the main UK SNOMED CT Edition to enable access to the codes that you need and allow more frequent releases as required.

    Feedback, comments and questions on file format, actual content construction and coverage, and also on the content model are all most welcome and we will happily work with you on improving specific aspects of the product.

    We have established a discussion forum with separate threads on the UTL page of the Pathology and Diagnostics collaboration site  to collect general feedback and questions on the UTL release as a whole.

    Note: The Discussion forum requires users to register for an account with us in order to be able to contribute to the discussions .To do so, please email with an access request.

    If you would like to send feedback to us directly without registering for the forum you can also contact us via our mailbox:

    In addition to the above we are also trialling a mechanism to allow users to easily send feedback or questions to us on a specific UTL concept, via a link on each item in the downloadable HTML-format review copy of the UTL. Please download the 0.2 review file from the Pathology and Diagnostics collaboration space and use the “feedback link” displayed against each line item in the HTML documents within the review package zip file.

    By Chris Hood 2 years ago

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  • NHSX: giving patients and staff the technology they need

    In a recent blog article by NHSX CEO Matthew Gould, he noted that the organisation's number one priority is the need for interoperability.

    NHSX reviewed 30 different centrally ran digital transformation programmes in order to cut down on unnecessary duplication, incorporate new technology, move some programmes to live services and bring teams closer together.

    The review has resulted in 10 major transformation pieces of work. One of these programmes will focus on information standards (including medication standards) and one will focus on local capability (including LHCR, HSLI, GDEs and Carter money)

    By Chris Hood 2 years ago

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