COVID-19 Information Standards

COVID-19 Information Standards


Updates on ICD-10 and SNOMED CT

Here you can find out the latest on the different standards to support the capture of quality data in relation to COVID-19; both to support the care of the individual and further epidemiology studies.

The content provided is relevant to frontline clinical staff, information managers and suppliers, clinical coders and those undertaking research studies.

The site provides a summary of information and further links to additional detail for SNOMED CT, Pathology and ICD-10.

COVID-19 Bi-weekly SNAP update

The purpose of the COVID-19 and Information Standards Bi-weekly SNAP update is to provide a current summary of activity relating to COVID-19 in relation to products and services under the remit of the Terminology and Classifications Service within NHS Digital.

An update will normally be provided every alternate Friday during the COVID-19 pandemic, by email.  


Historical SNAP updates: View here

Latest SNAP update:  Issue 11: September 25 2020


We will keep updating our FAQs in relation to data standards and COVID-19 as questions are raised via our helpdesk.

You may also be interested in those collated by the PRSB.


The codes reserved in ICD-10 for such emergencies as the current pandemic have been allocated by the World Health Organization.

Visit our COVID-19 and ICD-10 page for more information. 


The names of tests and the test results relating to COVID-19 have been incorporated into the SNOMED CT clinical extension as part of the 22nd April 2020 release. Guidance for end users on these is incorporated in a document produced in collaboration with the PRSB; please note this includes clinical care related terms as well.

In addition, NHS Digital have recently updated the guidance for the national naming, coding and processing of SARS-COV-2 Pathology tests which now contains additional information for Labs and LIMS on naming requestable and reportable items related  to SARS-COV-2 Testing.

Changes in v2.5.4:

  • Working with the RCPath and the PSGB we have created a detailed set of requestable and reportable items to help laboratories and LIMS suppliers define COVID19 related data items. These include:
    • Requestable Items for Virus detection (including Antigen) and Antibody detection
    • Reportable Items for each detection technique
    • Permissible values for each result
  • Updated guidance on mapping from lab results to SNOMED CT via a set of ‘standardised descriptions’ used to flow the data in the PMIP NHS003 Message
  • Updates to SNOMED CT findings to allow filing of results into Primary Care EPR systems
  • Updates to the structure of the machine readable mapping table now included in the SNOMED CT UK Clinical Extension as a pair of simple map refsets

This document describes the mapping table changes in the latest version of the guidance

Visit the latest news area of our Pathology and Diagnostics workspace for more information on Pathology and COVID-19.

COVID-19 Primary Care EPR Result Processing

Using the mapping logic shown in this diagram, EPR systems should extract the values and map the results to the appropriate Pathology SNOMED CT concepts.  You can click on this image for a full size, downloadable and printable version if it this may be of use to you.


The latest release was published on 12 August 2020.   

Visit our SNOMED CT Terminology Releases page for more information.

PRSB Collaboration

NHS Digital continue to work with the Professional Record Standards Body (PRSB) to raise awareness of the SNOMED CT response to COVID-19, and to gather, coordinate and prioritise multi-professional input into new content requests. The spreadsheet containing the list of COVID-19-related codes and working definitions, developed with PRSB, has been updated to include the codes published on 17th June, and reflects evolving usage guidance such as developments in laboratory test communication, shielding risk and general practice usage guidance from the Faculty of Clinical Informatics.

The following diagrams summarise the COVID-19 related codes that should now be in Electronic Patient Record (EPR) systems.

Please note. The diagram does not include the list of pathology tests and test results. For clarity, the SNOMED CT concept ids are provided; the term text may differ slightly to that on the diagram (sometimes shortened) but the key words to enable searching are provided.

Codes released in April are depicted by red concept ids in the diagram.

Click on the images to open a full size version.  To download, right click and save image to your machine.


For an information version of the above graphic please click on the image to the right.

Please feel free to print or circulate to anyone who may find these useful.

covid19 v2

The Professional Record Standards Body (PRSB) has published guidance for health and care professionals to accompany the release of COVID-19 related UK SNOMED CT codes.  This will help health and care professionals manage clinical information to improve patient care. It will also support central data collections to help manage the pandemic and aid research and planning.

The Faculty of Clinical Informatics have published guidance specifically for General Practice on coding in relation to COVID-19.