Units of Measure (UoM)

The UoM Project

Product Vision Statement

For producers and consumers of pathology diagnostics within the NHS

Who need safe reliable communication of diagnostic results for both human (clinician + patient) and computer interpretation.

The UoM project will analyse both the current state and future needs for describing units of measure in Pathology, in order to deliver a solution that meets the need for a fully computable pathology message structure, without compromising usability for clinicians or patients.

Unlike current practice

The future UoM solution will support the FHIR and UTL projects in delivering a pathology reporting capability that is understandable and processable by computational means, allowing for new healthcare tools and processes to be developed and used safely.


The overall aims of the project are to-

  1. Understand current practice (specifically relating to PMIP messaging and PBCL)
  2. Investigate future requirements, and implementation options
  3. Propose a solution to deliver safe reliable communication of diagnostic results for both human (clinician) and computer interpretation, within the following constraints-
    1. Do not compromise (and if possible improve) usability and clarity for clinicians and patients
    2. Do not compromise (and if possible improve) patient safety
  4. Propose a migration path from the current state to the future solution

Workstream Structure

UoM Proposed Workstreams





  • Initial report on UoM requirements and an assessment of LSR and UCUM ["Units of Measure (UoM)" first draft v0.1 April 2018) updated and reformatted for internal review/approval.
  • Report on UoM in Laboratory reporting ("IUG Report- Units of Measure in Pathology Reporting") finalised and ready for approval.
  • Initial mapping of IUG unit codes to UCUM codes completed and has undergone internal clinical review.
  • Updated IUG package with UCUM code mapping and some additional minor technical changes released (IUG v0.2.x).


  • Draft guidelines on UoM capabilities for organisations procuring new LIMS or related software systems.

Solutions Review


  • "e-Poster" presentation on the UK UoM project submitted for display at the SNOMED International Expo 2019 in Kuala Lumpur

Data Model


First draft of UoM data model for internal discussion.



UoM were assigned to the Manchester top 100 test list. A small number of questions or possible issues have been flagged.


Investigate how to integrate more comprehensive UoM information into the UTL work in progress.

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