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SNOMED CT in Pathology

If you are unfamiliar with SNOMED CT then you might want to visit our Introduction to SNOMED CT page where you will find general information about SNOMED CT, such as:

  • What are the benefits of using SNOMED CT?
  • What is SNOMED CT?
  • What does SNOMED CT do?
  • How can I download SNOMED CT?

Webinar: An Introduction to SNOMED CT for Pathology


This webinar provides a basic understanding of SNOMED CT and illustrates how to use a browser to find terms as well as different ways of searching. 

The main themes covered are:

  • What is SNOMED CT?
  • Why SNOMED CT?
  • SNOMED CT Content - Using Browser
  • Subsets (Refsets)
  • Useful information on SNOMED CT

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Useful materials

Guidance documents

  • SNOMED CT Fact Sheet-Provides an overview of SNOMED CT, who uses it, its benefits and the requirements of NHS organisations.
  • SNOMED CT Jargon Buster-This document provides an overview of some of the technical details of SNOMED CT and some of the commonly used terms.
  • SNOMED CT Hierarchy Fact Sheet -This document describes the SNOMED CT concept hierarchy. When selecting a term, it helps to understand to which hierarchy a concept belongs.
  • Finding your way around SNOMED CT – This workbook and associated answers provide short exercises using the NHS Digital SNOMED CT Browser to help you understand how SNOMED CT is structured and how to find terms.

Case studies

  • SNOMED in Action - Find out where SNOMED CT is being used around the world.
  • Using SNOMED CT in health and social care for care planning -  A national programme to look at the requirements for electronic care planning was undertaken between 2006 and 2013. This developed an approach using the terminology SNOMED CT and provided a number of reusable standard care plans, but which could also be tailored for a specific patient or need.
  • Collecting Clinical Information in Outpatients, A Pilot Study using SNOMED CT - This report describes a pilot project involving eight distinct specialties and demonstrates that there are benefits for specialists to work with clinical terminologists to ensure that the terminology reflects best current practice and to ensure clinical ownership of the terms within defined speciality subsets. One specialty has been able to gather sufficient clinical data in SNOMED CT to demonstrate benefits in terms of subsequent data analysis and acquisition of knowledge beneficial to the commissioning of the specialty.
  • Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust Case Study: 5 years on: Reflection from implementing an Electronic Patient Record with SNOMED CT - Monica Jones, Associate Director of Information Services in Health Informatics, The Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust reflects on a 5-year journey since the last published case study and illustrates how SNOMED CT has been utilised to benefit patient, the organisation and the wider NHS.
  • Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS Foundation Trust Case Study - Moorfields Eye Hospital decided to develop their own application to be used across all 13 of their sites as a way to reduce duplication of data entry, ensure recording in a consistent manner, to improve the sharing of information and the ability to search records from any site.
  • Tees, Esk and Wear Valley NHS Foundation Trust: Embracing SNOMED CT in Mental Health - NHS Digital collaborated with TEWV NHS Foundation Trust to produce a case study regarding the introduction of SNOMED CT terminology into the Mental Health Data Set (MHSDS).  The SNOMED in Mental Health team at NHS Digital spoke with Jo Dent, Corporate Information and Clinical Coding Manager at the trust, to discuss the considerations and implications recognised in the uptake of SNOMED CT, whilst reflecting on the benefits attributed to capturing data using this terminology.
  • Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust Case Study - Leeds Teaching Hospitals decided to embrace SNOMED CT in their Emergency Department as a way to reduce duplication of data entry, ensure recording in a consistent way, and thus facilitating analysis, as well as supporting completion of the Commissioning Data Set returns.
  • Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust Case Study: Using SNOMED CT for procedure and diagnosis recording - Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust decided to move to an electronic patient record system, replacing their PAS system in the process. They worked closely with their chosen supplier to adapt the existing supplier product to utilise SNOMED CT throughout for both procedure and diagnosis recording. It is the first instantiation of this system in the UK and this Rotherham case study aims to provide an overview of their achievements.
  • University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay NHS Foundation Trust Case Study - University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay NHS Foundation Trust (UHMBT) is an early adopter for the use of Lorenzo. Its senior doctors and management team have a deep and long standing belief in the importance of an Electronic Patient Record (EPR) using a structured terminology, as a key factor in both delivering better patient care and achieving much higher levels of operational efficiency.
  • Barts Health NHS Trust - Barts Health is committed to using healthcare informatics to improve the care they deliver. The vision over the next few years is to use electronic health records to provide safer and more integrated care; a shared record with their local GP Practices can be enhanced by interoperability through the use of SNOMED CT in structured records. Read about their journey to a paperless hospital and some achievements they have made, as well as the real benefits being gained and captured in the Benefits Deep Dive into Cerner Millennium Implementation Report 2014.
  • Empowering Clinical Data Collection at the Point of Care - This article in Archives of Disease in Childhood gives an overview on data collection and how SNOMED CT will benefit data collection.
  • Paediatric Disability Service, City Hospitals Sunderland Case Study - Using SNOMED CT, a Disabilities Terminology Set (DTS) was created. It was designed to embrace the range of needs experienced by disabled children and their families at different stages of their care journeys, so that these could be accurately recorded. An explanatory glossary was produced in which each term was clearly explained, to encourage consistent use of the terms. A traffic light tool was designed with families and the multidisciplinary team to capture and prioritise needs on the day of each clinic review appointment. Families complete this in the waiting room and bring it to the consultation, which ensures that the needs that matter most to the family that day are addressed. This case study describes in detail the approach, benefits and analysis now possible that SNOMED CT is used for the clinical terms.


The Resource Library contains a collection of Terminology and Classifications materials made available for your use or reference. Materials include articles, guidance documents, e-learning, case studies, manuals, factsheets and more

Technical resources

Request Submission Portal – requests for changes to SNOMED CT, e.g. adding new terms, can be made via the Request Submission Portal. In order to use the portal, you need to register, however, once registered you will have access to all existing requests so may find that someone else has already requested the change you want.

Technology Reference data Update Distribution (TRUD) – the SNOMED CT data files together with many other useful materials to support the UK release can be downloaded from TRUD.

SNOMED Animations

The following YouTube training animations are a great tool for providing brief 5 minute overviews on the following content

An introduction to SNOMED CT

Searching in SNOMED CT

SNOMED CT Concepts and Synonyms

SNOMED CT searching for Symptoms

SNOMED CT: Subsets

SNOMED International Resources

SNOMED International has a large amount of SNOMED CT education materials available.

To help identify the most applicable content, see an overall list of the education materials. The list includes an explanation of the materials, the level, the types of material (e.g. recorded presentations, documents and websites), and the types of role it would be most suited to.