Scenario 5 – Split Test Request, Different Sample Types

Susan Allen is a 25 year old woman with type 1 diabetes.  Susan is seen for a review in a diabetes clinic at her local hospital, Oldhampton Royal Infirmary.  The diabetes nurse, Mike Black, requests blood and urine tests: glycated haemoglobin, full blood count, electrolytes, cholesterol and triglycerides and urine albumin and urine for microbiology (Microscopy, Culture and Sensitivity – MC&S)

Blood samples are sent to the pathology laboratory based in the hospital.  The patient is given a paper request form for the urine samples.  The following day she takes the samples and request form to her GP surgery, Newgate GP Practice.  The samples are sent from the GP surgery to the laboratory.  The test results are sent back electronically to the hospital’s EPR system.

Named Participants

  • Patient: Susan Allen – FHIR Resource: Patient
  • Requesting HCP: Mike Black – FHIR Resource: Practitioner

Named Organisations

  • Requesting Organisation: Oldhampton Royal Infirmary (Diabetes Clinic) – FHIR Resource: Organization
  • Performing Organisation: Oldhampton Royal Infirmary (Blood Sciences) – FHIR Resource: Organization

Required Tests


Test Report

Test Results