Scenario 3 – Two Test Requests, Two Test Results

Sarah Smith, a community-based midwife at St John’s Infirmary, sees a 5 day old baby, Jane Archer, in a postnatal clinic.  Jane is showing signs of jaundice.  Sarah takes a blood sample from Jane and requests total bilirubin and conjugated bilirubin tests.  The test requests are sent using a paper test request form to the laboratory based in St John’s.  The blood sample is sent via specialist courier to the laboratory.  

The result is phoned to the midwife and reported electronically to primary care (using an order comms system) and the EPR system within the hospital.  Jane is admitted to the Special Care Baby Unit at the hospital for phototherapy.

Named Participants

  • Patient: Jane Archer – FHIR Resource: Patient
  • Requesting HCP: Sarah Smith – FHIR Resource: Practitioner

Named Organisations

  • Requesting Organisation: St John’s Infirmary (Maternity Service) – FHIR Resource: Organization
  • Performing Organisation: St John’s Infirmary (Blood Sciences) – FHIR Resource: Organization


Required Tests


Test Report

Test Results