Scenario 1 – Single Test Request, Single Test Result

Michael Kay, a 58 year old man, attends an appointment at an oncology outpatient clinic at Lingfield Royal Infirmary.  The consultant, Dr Ibrahim Khan, gives Michael a blood test form for a prostate-specific antigen (PSA) test and asks him to attend the hospital’s phlebotomy clinic. 

On the same day, Michael attends the phlebotomy clinic and hands in the blood test form.  A blood sample is taken and sent to the laboratory based in the hospital.  The test results are sent electronically from the Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) to the hospital’s Electronic Patient Record (EPR) system and the GP system at Michael’s GP surgery.

Named Participants

  • Patient: Michael Kay – FHIR Resource: Patient
  • Requesting HCP: Dr Ibrahim Khan – FHIR Resource: Practitioner

Named Organisations

  • Requesting Organisation: Lingfield Royal Infirmary (Oncology) – FHIR Resource: Organization
  • Performing Organisation: Lingfield Royal Infirmary (Blood Sciences) – FHIR Resource: Organization


  • Prostate cancer – FHIR Resource: Condition

Required Tests


Test Report

Test Results