WHO-FIC Education & Implementation Committee

WHO-FIC Education & Implementation Committee


  • assist and advise WHO and the WHO-FIC Network in implementing the WHO Family of International Classifications (WHO-FIC) and improving the level and quality of their use in Member States
  • track implementation of the classifications and develop implementation, education, training and certification strategies for the WHO-FIC, identifying best training and implementation practices and providing a network for sharing experience and experience on training and implementation
  • the first priority will be for the reference classifications

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About the EIC

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WHO-FIC Collaborating Centres

WHO Family of International Classifications (WHO-FIC) Collaborating Centres are a network of designated WHO Collaborating Centres that are supporting WHO in the development, implementation, and maintenance of the WHO Family of International Classifications. 

These Collaborating Centres represent different geographic regions and countries and may be specialized in a specific language. In addition to the WHO Collaborating Centres for the Family of International Classifications, WHO Collaborating Centres for Classifications, Terminologies, and Standards, and Non-Governmental Organizations in official relations with WHO (NGOs) contribute to the classificatons agenda. Collectively these organizations make up the WHO-FIC Network. WHO Member States may participate in the work of the WHO-FIC Network through designated representatives. 

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WHO Regional Offices

WHO Member States are grouped into six regions:

  • Africa
  • Americas
  • South East Asia
  • Europe
  • Eastern Mediterranean
  • Western Pacific 

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