SNOMED CT Webinars

We offer a number of webinars that have been designed to provide helpful information about SNOMED CT in general and its specific use in Primary Care. The webinars are all live and provide opportunities for delegates to ask questions and listen to questions raised by other delegates. At the end of each webinar is a short questionnaire where delegates can provide feedback to help us improve the sessions and provide informative training materials.

SNOMED CT in Primary Care Webinars

Introducing SNOMED CT in General Practice

Please note: this webinar is no longer available. Information from the webinar can be found in Frequently Asked Questions. The presentation slides and recordings are still available to view. 

General SNOMED CT Webinars

We are reviewing our educational materials (including the General SNOMED CT Webinars) in order to ensure we are providing material that is relevant and engaging. Pending the outcome of this review, we will not be scheduling any interactive webinars, but the recorded materials will remain available on the recorded presentations page. We will provide details of future materials as soon as these are available, which we currently expect to be Spring 2019. SNOMED CT in Primary Care webinars will continue to run as scheduled.

 Exploring SNOMED CT content for General Practice

This webinar provides a basic understanding for SNOMED CT for those who currently use the Read codes, and it illustrates how to use a browser to find terms.

This session also covers different ways of searching and an understanding of 4 key hierarchies. There will be an opportunity to ask questions.

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Delen Dots

Designing queries and searches in SNOMED CT

This session is designed for those whose role involves writing searches using the Read codes in relation to data recorded in general practice. It will show attendees how to design a search on data recorded using SNOMED CT.

This search can then be used as part of a report, business protocol/business rules or data extract, such as for a mail merge. It will cover writing new searches as well as advice on what to consider if updating existing searches designed using the Read codes.

There will opportunities to ask questions throughout the session.

Please direct any enquiries or cancellations to

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Delen Dots 


Introduction to SNOMED CT

This webinar provides a good basic understanding of SNOMED CT, plus examples of where it is used. Please select a webinar date below and register. Confirmation will be emailed to you. You can join the webinars early to get set up.

Please direct any enquiries or cancellations to

You can view full versions of previous webinars via our Resource Library.

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Finding Content in SNOMED CT

Learn how to search SNOMED CT for the clinical term that you need. See how to search for individual terms, groups of related terms and terms related to a specific speciality, plus simple tips for making your searches successful. 

It is assumed that people attending this webinar already have a basic understanding of SNOMED CT.

Please select a webinar date below and register. Confirmation will be emailed to you. Places are limited to 30 delegates. You can join these webinars 20 minutes early to get set up.

Please direct any enquiries or cancellations to

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Clinical Data Analytics using the Data Migration Workbench

This WebEx demonstration on how to use CDAT will answer detailed questions about patients coming to clinical, A&E or specialist units. It should be useful for clinicians and information analysts interested in analysing data from patient records.

Please select a webinar date and register. Let us know if you later can't attend, as slots are limited and your place can be reallocated.

CDAT takes advantage of data recording using SNOMED CT, which is provided in up-to-date electronic patient record systems. You can take part from your own desk via WebEx, while having 1:1 support from experts. The test session will last up to three hours. You will be walked through the tool and then do analysis yourself on pre-loaded anonymous clinical data. Support will be given for the analysis and use of the tool.

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 If you have any suggestions for SNOMED CT related webinars you would like us to offer, please get in touch with us.

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