SNOMED CT RF2 - Important notices and Known Issues

October 2018 UK Drug Extension Releases (26.0.1 and 26.1.0)

Missing VMP relationships

We have identified an issue with the SNOMED CT UK Drug Extension releases 26.0.1 and 26.1.0. An error in the processing of Inactivated International concepts used as VMPs (Virtual Medicinal Products) in dm+d has resulted in their replacement UK Extension concepts not being identified as VMPs. The replacement concepts did not get the correct set of relationships for a VMP.

This issue affects over 1,000 concepts.

We plan to fix this issue in the 26.2.0 SNOMED CT UK Drug Extension release, due for release 07 November 2018.


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October 2018 Release (26.0.0)

SNOMED CT Refset Issue

It has been identified that within the 26.0.0 SNOMED CT UK RF2 Clinical Edition the following file (der2_Refset_SimpleFull_GB1000000_20181001) contains a refset that appears empty with no associated members. The affected refset is:

  • Refset FSN : Religious or other belief system affiliation groups simple reference set
  • RF2 refset ID: 999002601000000106)
  • Subset Original Id : 71981000000132

We are currently working to identify the root cause of this issue.  Members of this refset are viewable at SNOMED CT human-readable subset - Messaging Interoperability  

Inactivation of International content 

There has been inactivation of content in the recent SNOMED CT international release which potentially impacts on users of the 26.0.0 SNOMED CT UK Edition.

Action taken

To mitigate these international inactivations a patch to the 26.0.0 UK Edition of SNOMED CT will be released on November 7th 2018 to address these content gaps. Further information will be provided with the patch release.

What does this mean?

A list of the replaced inactivated content will be provided in the patch release documentation.

The mapping files derived from the release will also be updated.



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April 2018 Release (25.0.0)

SNOMED CT UK Clinical Edition

It has come to our attention that within the 25.0.0 SNOMED CT UK RF2 Clinical Edition there are some additional SNOMED CT members that need to be included in the GP Summary reference sets that provide the Summary Care Record Exclusions and the Summary Care Record Inclusions; these are to closer reflect the historical Read versions.  The full set of changes can be obtained via the 25.0.2 SNOMED CT Delta pack for the Clinical Edition.

If you provide functionality in your system that relates to the NHS Summary Care Record, it is essential that you replace the existing reference sets with the updated versions and use these for data captured in SNOMED CT. The 25.0.2 technical details are available here.

 Cross-Mapping Table Errors

We are aware that there are a small number of concepts in the OPCS-4 mapping table files which have an extra line included with a map target of #NC, in addition to the OPCS-4 target codes. The inclusion of the #NC line is in error. The root cause of the error has been identified and the concept maps will be corrected in the October 2018 release.

 Known issues with the SNOMED CT international extension are available within the SNOMED International Release notes.

Further information can also be found within the SNOMED CT Implementation in Primary Care area of Delen.

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