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This database holds the current maps, for the full data files of the maps please subscribe to and download the “NHS Data Migration” content from TRUD. The maps are those provided in the October 2018 release (updated in October 2018) of SNOMED CT and Data Migration Maps.

You can use a v2 ReadCode, TermCode or Term30 search string to find the mapped SNOMED CT codes and term.

Please Note: Searches are not case sensitive to aid finding appropriate content.

Information on the withdrawal of Read v2 and CTV3 can be found here.

The v2 Term30 text displayed is always from the NHS England (UNIFIED) edition of READ2. Some 437 codes from READ2’s Chapter 9 Administration appear in both the NHS England (UNIFIED) and NHS Scotland (UNISCOT) editions but with different terms; only the NHS England edition Term30 text is displayed for these. A further 102 Chapter 9 codes are unique to the NHS Scotland (UNISCOT) edition and are not also found in the NHS England (UNIFIED) edition at all; no v2 Term30 text is currently shown for these.

If you would like to submit a query to us please visit the contact us page and select the area your query relates to. If you have any problems using the database or would like to provide feedback, please contact us via the helpdesk.

102,057 entries
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List of rows for this database
v2 ReadCodev2 TermCodev2 Term30SNOMED CT ConceptIDSNOMED CT DescriptionIDSNOMED CT TermSNOMED CT ConceptStatus
0.... 00 Occupations 14679004 476525017 Occupations Active View
0.... 11 Job 14679004 24938015 Job Active View
01... 00 Top managers 265911003 395138017 Top manager Active View
01... 11 Administrators - top 308050009 451353015 Administrator - top Active View
011.. 00 National gov't. top managers 158744001 247411016 National government top manager Active View
0111. 00 Minister of the crown 158745000 247412011 Minister of the crown Active View
0111. 11 Minister - government 158745000 247413018 Minister - government Active View
0112. 00 Member of parliament 158746004 247414012 Member of parliament Active View
0113. 00 Senior civil servant 158747008 247415013 Senior civil servant Active View
011Z. 00 Nat. gov't. general admin. NOS 158744001 247411016 National government top manager Active View
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