• Clinical Coding Trainer Programme (CCTP) Assessment Day - Wednesday 15th November

    By Katy Park 2 weeks ago

    We are pleased to confirm that two candidates were successful in passing both the Practical and Theory papers and as a result will be invited to attend the Train the Trainer course which will be held in Leeds in March 2018. There were a total of seven candidates on the Assessment Day, with three candidates passing the Practical paper and four passing the Theory paper. All candidates passed the Presentation and Pre-prepared Flip Chart Activity part of the day. A Summary of Common Errors document relating to the Clinical Coding Trainer Programme Assessment Day held on 15th November 2017 is now available to view on our Delen website. An overview of the common errors made in both the Practical and Theory papers is provided along with explanations/rationales. Generic feedback is also given on the Presentation and Pre-Prepared Flip Chart Activity elements of the assessment day. You can access these within the Clinical Coding Trainer Programme area on Delen
  • Query Resolution Database Update

    By Heather Douglas 2 weeks ago

    The resolution to UID 2639 has been removed and replaced with UID 4431.
  • Proposal for the development of a primary procedure definition

    By Katy Park 3 weeks ago

    At the beginning of the year we received a proposal from Nyk Tarr, Clinical Coding Trainer, for the development of a new primary procedure definition. To ensure we investigated this proposal in full, all members of the Terminology & Classifications Delivery Service with expertise in classifications were asked to review the proposal. The team members were asked to consider the proposed definition for a primary procedure as well as the background, rationale and the wider discussions held with clinical coding trainers. We further investigated potentially affected national clinical coding standards and current representation in international classifications such as the International Classification of Health Interventions Beta (ICHI) and the Australian Classification of Health Interventions (ACHI). Team members were asked to consider the following: Are there significant issues or discrepancies being experienced by the service around the assignment of the correct primary...
  • SNOMED CT and Clinical Coding

    By Katy Park 4 weeks ago

    A presentation delivered by members of the Terminology and Classifications Delivery Service is now available in the Resource Library . The presentation gives an overview of how SNOMED CT and the classifications can work together to fulfil different purposes.
  • Query Resolution Database update

    By Mandy Hudson 5 weeks ago

    The resolution to UID 3964 has been removed and replaced with UID 4460.
  • Apprenticeship Standard for Clinical Coder - Consultation Open

    By Gavin McIntosh 3 weeks ago

    The Clinical Coding Trailblazer group is pleased to announce that it has opened a consultation on a draft Apprenticeship Standard for Clinical Coder. The consultation opened today and will close at noon on Friday 19 January 2018. You can take part here . Your feedback will be reviewed following the closing date and the Trailblazer group will consider where amendments should be made to the draft Standard. The Standard will then be submitted to the Institute for Apprenticeships to seek approval prior to drafting the apprenticeship end point assessment plan.
  • Terminology and Classifications Delivery Service Newsletter: December 2017

    By Katy Park 6 weeks ago

    Welcome to our December Newsletter. In this issue, we feature:

    • Coding of Sepsis: Consultation Results and last chance to comment on the Proposed Update to DCh.S.I.1 Sepsis
    • SNOMED CT confirmed as UK's core national information standard for pathology and laboratory medicine
    • SNOMED International to support the Olympic Healthcare Interoperability Initiative at Tokyo 2020
    • SNOMED CT Expo: update from Bratislava
    • World Health Organization Family of International Classifications Annual Meeting: update from Mexico City
    • Launch of Clinical Coding Specialty Workshop: Obstetrics & Perinatal

    and much more....

  • Delen Access Issue: Resolved

    By Katy Park 8 weeks ago

    For a brief period this morning, Delen became inaccessible. Our provider has restored the service and will be providing us with an incident report shortly. We apologise for any inconvenience you may have experienced and we are now checking to ensure that everything is functioning as it should. If you experience any issues, please let us know via email with “Delen” in the subject line.”
  • Submit Details of Clinical Contacts

    By Katy Park 7 weeks ago

    Do you have clinical contacts who would be happy to provide advice when developing the Classifications, coding standards and guidance? When developing national clinical coding standards and guidance and the ICD-10 and OPCS-4 Classifications we draw on a wide range of knowledge, expertise and information sources, in addition to the classifications knowledge we have within the team. It is important that developments are based on sound and up-to-date clinical input. If you are a clinician with an interest in the classifications or are a coding professional who has contact with clinicians who would be willing to provide us with clinical information and advice to inform the development of the Clinical Classifications, coding standards and guidance, please submit your contact details here .   We will hold the details on file and they will only be accessible by the Terminology and Classifications Delivery Service; they will not be shared outside of our team without...
  • Query Resolution Database update - Gliolan assisted neurosurgery

    By Mandy Hudson 2 months ago

    Query Resolution Database update An updated resolution to UID 3032 has now been published in the Query Resolution Database and replaced with 4262
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