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  • SNOMED CT User Guide for Mental Health

    We have published a new guide on SNOMED CT for those involved in or interested in Mental Health. This overview document includes a background on SNOMED CT and delves into the structure of SNOMED CT, as well as information on recording, searching and reporting. Any feedback on this guide is welcomed via snomedmentalhealth@nhs.net or start a conversation in our collaboration area

    By Erin Flood 10 days ago

  • Notice of exceptional changes to 2019 release schedule for the UK Edition of SNOMED CT

    NHS Digital would like to inform the licensed users of the UK SNOMED CT product of some important changes to the SNOMED CT release schedule for 2019. The schedule for the following SNOMED CT products will change from the normal schedule for 2019 only: UK SNOMED CT Clinical Edition SNOMED CT UK Data Migration Workbench SNOMED CT UK Query Table and History Substitution Table NHS Data Migration The schedule for the National Interim Clinical Imaging Procedures (NICIP) code set release will also be affected in the same way. Clinical Imaging Procedures The NHS Digital Terminology and Classifications Service, in anticipation of the significant emphasis on Information Standards support for the Secretary of State's vision and to better be able to support the roadmap for clinical information standards (currently under consultation here ), is carrying out an upgrade of its SNOMED CT and dm+d content management platform. This is a significant...

    By Gavin McIntosh 4 weeks ago

  • TRUD and Request Submission Portal

    Good Morning, Access to both our TRUD and Request Submission Portal services has been restored. The NHS Digital ICT Service Team are now monitoring the services to ensure no further issues. Kind regards Terminology and Classifications Service

    By Mandy Hudson 5 weeks ago

  • Access issue: TRUD and Request Submission Portal

    Good afternoon. We are aware that users are unable to access our TRUD and Request Submission Portal websites. The NHS Digital ICT Service Team are currently working to restore these services as quickly as possible. Please bear with us as we work to resolve this issue. Kind regards Terminology and Classifications Delivery Service 

    By Mandy Hudson 5 weeks ago

  • Improvement to Query Resolution Database

    In our Service Improvement Plan, we committed to improving the Query Resolution Database by identifying changes and deletions in the database. You will now see an additional column entitled 'status'. This column will only be populated when a resolution has been removed from the database or replaced with a new UID.

    By Katy Park 7 weeks ago

  • ICD-11 Field Trials Update

    Rounds 1 and 2 The first round was conducted between 4 April 2017 and 30 June 2017, the second round was conducted between 27 February 2018 and 13 April 2018. We have produced a report on the findings from the first two rounds which details: The methodology used for the field trials The components of the field trials Information on participation The high level issues identified during the first round of the trials Details of how these issues have been rectified or improved in the second round and whether they are still present You can access the report here - ICD-11 Field Trial Findings Rounds 1 and 2 Round 3 The third round is currently underway and closes on Friday 30 November 2018. You can see progress updates on the third round on the ICD-11 Product page on Delen. There is still time to participate in the third round, if you have not registered and would like to take part please  submit your details here  and we will send you an...

    By Andrew Brooke 2 months ago

  • Delay in answering query resolutions

    Members of the classifications service are currently working on a number of high profile projects including ICD-11 and OPCS-4.9, as well as experiencing staff shortages in the Product Support team. As a result, you may experience a delay in receiving your query resolution and we apologise for any inconvenience this may cause. Please bear with us during this time and be assured we are working hard to provide resolutions in the quickest time possible.

    By Katy Park 2 months ago

  • Please take part in the public consultation on the NHS Digital, Data and Technology Standards Framework

    On October 17th, Secretary of State Matt Hancock published his vision for The Future of Healthcare . The vision emphasises the importance of technology and in particular the importance of technical standards that will help the NHS and social care to benefit from the potential of modern technology. The vision is out for consultation and people can provide feedback on it via this questionnaire . Alongside the vision, we have also published two important documents, which we are keen to get your feedback on. These documents are: The NHS Digital, Data and Technology Standards Framework and The Clinical Information Standards Specification   You can read and comment upon both documents  on our dedicated consultation platform . The documents are in a format which allows you to comment publicly, but anonymously, so that everyone can see what each other is saying. Our hope is that this will help to avoid duplication, while also prompting thoughts...

    By Gavin McIntosh 2 months ago

  • Terminology and Classifications Delivery Service – Service Improvement Plan for 2018-19

    Following the publication of our annual survey report in August, we have continued to analyse the many detailed and constructive comments provided by survey respondents. Based on this analysis, we have identified a range of priority areas where we are committed to making improvements during 2018-19. Details are contained within the Service Improvement Plan, which we will update throughout the 2018-19 year, with news of progress against each commitment.

    Thank you once again to everyone who responded to the survey.

    By John Ramsden 3 months ago

  • Clinical Coding Trainer Programme (CCTP) Assessment Day - Thursday 6th September 2018

    The Terminology and Classifications Delivery Service are pleased to confirm that 15 candidates were successful in passing both the Practical and Theory papers and as a result will be invited to attend a Clinical Coding Trainer Programme Train the Trainer course which will be held in both London and Leeds in early 2019.   There were a total of 24 candidates on the Assessment Day, with 15 candidates passing the Practical paper and 22 passing the Theory paper. The Terminology and Classifications Delivery Service is pleased to confirm that all the candidates passed the Presentation and Pre-prepared Flip Chart Activity part of the day.   We can confirm that a Summary of Common Errors document relating to the Clinical Coding Trainer Programme Assessment Day held on 6 th September 2018 is now available to view on our Delen website.   An overview of the common errors made in both the Practical and Theory papers are provided along with explanat...

    By Heather Douglas 3 months ago

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