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  • Please take part in the public consultation on the NHS Digital, Data and Technology Standards Framework

    On October 17th, Secretary of State Matt Hancock published his vision for The Future of Healthcare . The vision emphasises the importance of technology and in particular the importance of technical standards that will help the NHS and social care to benefit from the potential of modern technology. The vision is out for consultation and people can provide feedback on it via this questionnaire . Alongside the vision, we have also published two important documents, which we are keen to get your feedback on. These documents are: The NHS Digital, Data and Technology Standards Framework and The Clinical Information Standards Specification   You can read and comment upon both documents  on our dedicated consultation platform . The documents are in a format which allows you to comment publicly, but anonymously, so that everyone can see what each other is saying. Our hope is that this will help to avoid duplication, while also prompting thoughts...

    By Gavin McIntosh 2 months ago

  • 2018 ICD-10 & OPCS-4 reference books available in hard copy

    The 2018 ICD-10 and OPCS-4 National Clinical Coding Standards reference books are now available to order in hard copy.

    You can order them directly from The Stationery Office (TSO) via the links below:

    Please be aware that these are only available directly from TSO and not via the Terminology and Classifications Delivery Service.

    By Mandy Hudson 5 months ago

  • Call for ICD-11 Field Trials Third Round Participants

    In our role as a WHO Collaborating Centre we have been taking part in the ICD-11 Field Trials. We have undertaken two rounds of trials and will be supporting further testing of the classifications over the next 6-9 months.   We will shortly be conducting a third round of trials. The previous trials have been conducted in the WHO field trial platform using test cases written by WHO. The next round of trials will be based on scenarios taken from the ICD-10 exercise booklet and will be carried out in Delen. These trials will be open to all users.  Training will be made available for all participants in the form of WebEx presentations and documentation. Extracts from the ICD-11 reference guide will also be available.    Participants will be able to complete the trials at their own pace over a longer period of time. We would like participants to undertake as many cases as possible in order for us to continue to assess the improvements that have been made...

    By Andrew Brooke 4 months ago

  • Classification Maps in the NHS Digital SNOMED CT browser

    The maps from SNOMED CT to the OPCS-4 and ICD-10 classifications can be viewed in the NHS Digital SNOMED CT Browser. We have produced a short guide, outlining the purpose and use of the maps. Please see the Classification Maps page for more information.

    By Mandy Hudson 10 months ago

  • National Clinical Coding Standards ICD-10 reference book (2018)

    A formatting error has been identified in the National Clinical Coding Standards ICD-10 reference book (2018). The error was on page 111-112 where the bleeding peptic ulcer example appeared under the wrong standard. This has been corrected and a new version has been uploaded to the Main Publications page.   We apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused.

    By Mandy Hudson 10 months ago

  • Applicants for the 2018-19 Clinical Coding Trainer Programme

    It has been brought to our attention that the total cost for the purchase order published under the ‘What do I need to know?’ heading on the Clinical Coding Training Programme  (CCTP) page was incorrect.  In order for an application to be accepted for the CCTP a purchase order must be submitted for a total of £764.33 for NHS or £917.30 for non-NHS (both excluding VAT). The Terminology and Classifications Delivery Service would like to apologise for this error and thank the service for drawing this discrepancy to our attention.  We can confirm that this error has now been rectified on the website. Any applicants who have already submitted an application for the Clinical Coding Trainer Programme with a purchase order for an amount other than those listed above will be contacted shortly.

    By Lou Meredith 11 months ago

  • Consultation Results on the Proposed Update to DChS.I.1 Sepsis are Available

    The results of the Consultation on the Proposed Update to DChS.I.1 Sepsis, which was open in November to December 2017, are now available in the Consultation area on Delen . The document also contains the final standard for implementation on 1 April 2018.  We would like to thank everyone who completed this consultation and contributed their feedback.

    By Andrew Brooke 11 months ago

  • SNOMED CT and Clinical Coding

    A presentation delivered by members of the Terminology and Classifications Delivery Service is now available in the Resource Library . The presentation gives an overview of how SNOMED CT and the classifications can work together to fulfil different purposes.

    By Katy Park 1 year ago

  • Submit Details of Clinical Contacts

    Do you have clinical contacts who would be happy to provide advice when developing the Classifications, coding standards and guidance? When developing national clinical coding standards and guidance and the ICD-10 and OPCS-4 Classifications we draw on a wide range of knowledge, expertise and information sources, in addition to the classifications knowledge we have within the team. It is important that developments are based on sound and up-to-date clinical input. If you are a clinician with an interest in the classifications or are a coding professional who has contact with clinicians who would be willing to provide us with clinical information and advice to inform the development of the Clinical Classifications, coding standards and guidance, please submit your contact details here .   We will hold the details on file and they will only be accessible by the Terminology and Classifications Delivery Service; they will not be shared outside of our team without...

    By Katy Park 1 year ago

  • Query Resolution Database update - Gliolan assisted neurosurgery

    Query Resolution Database update An updated resolution to UID 3032 has now been published in the Query Resolution Database and replaced with 4262

    By Mandy Hudson 1 year ago

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