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  • Notice of exceptional changes to 2019 release schedule for the UK Edition of SNOMED CT

    NHS Digital would like to inform the licensed users of the UK SNOMED CT product of some important changes to the SNOMED CT release schedule for 2019. The schedule for the following SNOMED CT products will change from the normal schedule for 2019 only: UK SNOMED CT Clinical Edition SNOMED CT UK Data Migration Workbench SNOMED CT UK Query Table and History Substitution Table NHS Data Migration The schedule for the National Interim Clinical Imaging Procedures (NICIP) code set release will also be affected in the same way. Clinical Imaging Procedures The NHS Digital Terminology and Classifications Service, in anticipation of the significant emphasis on Information Standards support for the Secretary of State's vision and to better be able to support the roadmap for clinical information standards (currently under consultation here ), is carrying out an upgrade of its SNOMED CT and dm+d content management platform. This is a significant...

    By Gavin McIntosh 4 weeks ago

  • Please take part in the public consultation on the NHS Digital, Data and Technology Standards Framework

    On October 17th, Secretary of State Matt Hancock published his vision for The Future of Healthcare . The vision emphasises the importance of technology and in particular the importance of technical standards that will help the NHS and social care to benefit from the potential of modern technology. The vision is out for consultation and people can provide feedback on it via this questionnaire . Alongside the vision, we have also published two important documents, which we are keen to get your feedback on. These documents are: The NHS Digital, Data and Technology Standards Framework and The Clinical Information Standards Specification   You can read and comment upon both documents  on our dedicated consultation platform . The documents are in a format which allows you to comment publicly, but anonymously, so that everyone can see what each other is saying. Our hope is that this will help to avoid duplication, while also prompting thoughts...

    By Gavin McIntosh 2 months ago

  • SNOMED CT Webinars – new dates scheduled

    We offer a number of webinars that have been designed to provide helpful information about SNOMED CT in general and its specific use in Primary Care. The webinars are all live and provide opportunities for delegates to ask questions and listen to questions raised by other delegates. A list of webinars and further information about how to register can be found on the SNOMED CT Education and Training page.   New dates have been scheduled for the following webinars:   Introduction to SNOMED CT This webinar provides a good basic understanding of SNOMED CT, plus examples of where it is used.   Finding content in SNOMED CT Learn how to search SNOMED CT for the clinical term that you need. See how to search for individual terms, groups of related terms and terms related to a specific speciality, plus simple tips for making your searches successful.    Clinical Data Analytics Tool (CDAT) Virtual...

    By Mandy Hudson 7 months ago

  • Read to SNOMED CT Mapping Look Up Tables Updated

    Please be advised that the Read to SNOMED CT mapping look up tables have been updated to reflect the April 2018 SNOMED CT UK Edition release.

    By Katy Park 9 months ago

  • Classification Maps in the NHS Digital SNOMED CT browser

    The maps from SNOMED CT to the OPCS-4 and ICD-10 classifications can be viewed in the NHS Digital SNOMED CT Browser. We have produced a short guide, outlining the purpose and use of the maps. Please see the Classification Maps page for more information.

    By Mandy Hudson 10 months ago

  • SNOMED CT and Clinical Coding

    A presentation delivered by members of the Terminology and Classifications Delivery Service is now available in the Resource Library . The presentation gives an overview of how SNOMED CT and the classifications can work together to fulfil different purposes.

    By Katy Park 1 year ago

  • Clinical Terminologies in the NHS: SNOMED CT and dm+d

    Read this review article by NHS Digital's Ian Spiers, Jo Goulding and Ian Arrowsmith published in the British Journal of Pharmacy 05-Jul-2017 and available free of charge via Open Access ABSTRACT: Clinical terminologies are fundamental to the successful recording of clinical data within Electronic Health Record systems and are important in enabling the sharing of data between systems. An overview of the structure and benefits of the international terminology SNOMED CT and the NHS dictionary of medicines and devices (dm+d) are described. Also discussed is a history of clinical terminologies used within the NHS. http://eprints.hud.ac.uk/id/eprint/32388/1/Spiers%20et%20al.pdf

    By Gavin McIntosh 1 year ago