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  • Apprenticeship Standard for Clinical Coder - Standard Approved

    The Clinical Coding Trailblazer is delighted to announce that the Standard for Clinical Coder has been approved by the Institute for Apprenticeships.

    By Katy Park 6 months ago

  • Apprenticeship Standard for Clinical Coder - Consultation Open

    The Clinical Coding Trailblazer group is pleased to announce that it has opened a consultation on a draft Apprenticeship Standard for Clinical Coder. The consultation opened today and will close at noon on Friday 19 January 2018. You can take part here . Your feedback will be reviewed following the closing date and the Trailblazer group will consider where amendments should be made to the draft Standard. The Standard will then be submitted to the Institute for Apprenticeships to seek approval prior to drafting the apprenticeship end point assessment plan.

    By Gavin McIntosh 1 year ago

  • Clinical Coding Trailblazer - Help Needed!

    Background As you may be aware Apprenticeships are a huge focus in the UK at the moment with the government setting a very ambitious target of 3 million apprentices by 2020. To support this agenda the Apprenticeship Levy was introduced in April 2017 which means that 0.5% of all NHS Trusts pay bill will be deducted by HMRC and paid into a digital account to fund apprenticeship training. In addition to this with the decline in CPPD funding there has been more and more focus on developing suitable apprenticeship standards to maximise the return on investment for the NHS and other key employers. Back in 2016 in my role as Apprenticeship Lead for North, Central & East London I was involved in discussions with several employers who were looking to see if there was an apprenticeship programme which covered the role of the Clinical Coder. They had identified an ageing workforce and a general lack of awareness about the opportunities that a career in Coding could offer so were...

    By Katy Park 1 year ago