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  • eVersion Release

    The new eVersion release is now available to download from the Technology Reference data Update Distribution (TRUD) service.

    By Katy Park 2 years ago

  • OPCS-4.8 Preparing for implementation

    You may find the following presentation helpful for the planning and implementation of OPCS-4.8.

    By Katy Park 2 years ago

  • The World Health Organization: International Classification of Diseases (ICD)

    Please take a look at this short video emphasising the importance of the World Health Organization’s International Classifications of Diseases (ICD)

    By Katy Park 2 years ago

  • Delen Blog Launched

    We now have a Delen blog to keep you up to date with the latest terminology and classifications news. You'll find announcements about product releases, training courses, opportunities to collaborate with us, as well as newsletters and articles that we hope will be of interest.

    By Gavin McIntosh 2 years ago

  • Delen - Now Mobile Friendly

    We have improved the design of Delen to give mobile users a better experience when accessing the site via tablets, smartphones or other mobile devices. If you have any comments or suggestions relating to this then please contact us via our helpdesk .

    By Gavin McIntosh 2 years ago

  • Approval of uplift of the dm+d standards to a SCCI standard

    The dm+d standard (ISB 0052) was approved at the SCCI Board meeting on 21st December 2016 for uplift to a SCCI standard (SCCI0052). A date for publication of the uplifted SCCI standard has not yet been set.

    By Gavin McIntosh 2 years ago

  • Cessation of SNOMED CT in Release Format 1

    All current users of SNOMED CT RF1 should be ready to process releases in RF2 for all releases after 1st April 2018. SCCI has announced changes to the SNOMED CT standard with the timeframes to cease the provision of the data-files in Release Format 1 (RF1). SNOMED CT will be provided in Release Format 2 (RF2) only, after the 1st April 2018 release. Details of the standard and this change can be found here .

    By Gavin McIntosh 2 years ago