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  • Four Step Coding Process eLearning

    The Clinical Classifications Service would like to advise of an error found in Section D – Step 3 – Assign a tentative code of this eLearning package.  We can confirm that the correct codes and sequence which should be applied to the scenario: ‘A patient with Encephalitis due to systemic lupus erythematosus is admitted to hospital to receive treatment for the encephalitis’ are G05.8* Encephalitis, Myelitis and encephalomyelitis in other diseases classified elsewhere followed by M32.1† Systemic lupus erythematosus with organ or system involvement. This is in line with DGCS.5: Dagger and asterisk system, which states: the code that reflects the main condition treated or investigated during the consultant episode must be sequenced in the primary position. We would like to thank the trainer concerned for drawing this matter to our attention and take this opportunity to confirm that it will be rectified in the next release of the eLearning...

    By Lou Meredith 1 year ago

  • Clinical coding for non-coders

    A new interactive presentation is available in our Education and Training library that gives an overview of clinical coding for non-coders . The presentation explores the background and importance of clinical coding and also gives an overview of the key responsibilities of the Clinical Classifications Service.

    By Katy Park 1 year ago

  • Clinical Coding Standard Consultation

    A new standard consultation is now available and will run until 17 November 2017. The new standard has been developed in order to identify how OPCS-4 codes W05.2 and W05.3 should be assigned, and we welcome your comments and feedback. Access the consultation via our Consultation area on Delen.

    By Katy Park 1 year ago

  • Clinical Coding Auditor Programme (CCAP) Assessment Day September 2017 Results

    The Clinical Classifications Service are pleased to confirm that three 3 candidates were successful in meeting the required criteria for both the Theory and Practical papers and as a result have been invited to attend the Clinical Coding Audit Workshop which will be held in Leeds in November. There were a total of 13 candidates on the Assessment Day, with 5 candidates passing the Practical paper and 6 passing the Theory paper.  The Clinical Classifications Service is pleased to confirm that all the candidates passed the Conclusions and Recommendations exercise and the presentation part of the day. A Summary of Common Errors document relating to the Clinical Coding Auditor Programme Assessment Day held on 13th September 2017 is now available to view on our Delen website. It provides an overview of the common errors made in both the Practical and Theory papers are provided along with explanations/rationales as appropriate to assist anyone thinking of applying for the CCAP...

    By Heather Douglas 1 year ago

  • HRG Escalation Codes

    It has been brought to our attention that HRG 4+ has the ability to escalate certain procedures, this is true of certain ophthalmic and cardiac procedures where the use of a general anaesthetic (GA) code escalates the HRG in certain circumstances. We have added a spreadsheet of all OPCS-4 codes, and combination codes, to which GA escalation logic has been applied in the Reference Costs 2016/17 design to the Resource Library: “ Code to Group cutdown GA escalation ”. As stated in PCSY10: Anaesthetic (Y80-Y84) , with the exception of radiotherapy delivered under general anaesthetic, for which a code from category Y80 General anaesthetic must be assigned in addition to the radiotherapy codes, anaesthetics may be recorded if this information is required to be captured locally. Therefore there is nothing to prohibit the assignment of a code from Y80 in addition to the codes provided in the list attached if Trusts have a local need to do so.

    By Katy Park 1 year ago

  • SNOMED CT to ICD-10 and OPCS-4 Map Table Technical Specification and Implementation guidance (RF2) - Consultation

    This document describes the content, structure, and use of the UK NHS specific map files released in the UK Edition of SNOMED CT in RF2 format. RF2 will be the only supported format from April 2018. It is designed to assist with the NHS implementation of the RF2 map files and to inform users about editorial principles applied to classification map content. It also describes the methodology employed to ensure the maps are compliant with the national standards for clinical coding. If you are a supplier or other technical professional that incorporates the maps into patient administration and other systems to support Commissioning Data Sets, and Central Returns we would like your feedback on the document - access via the Consultation area on Delen . Other users such as informatics specialists, including clinical coders are also invited to review and comment.  If you feel other ICD and OPCS-4 data users within your organisation should review the document, please pass on...

    By Gavin McIntosh 1 year ago

  • Read to SNOMED CT mapping look up tables updated.

    Please be advised that the READ to SNOMED CT mapping look up tables have now been updated to reflect the October 2017 SNOMED CT UK Edition release. There may be a brief period of a few minutes where the database is not accessible while it is updating.

    By Lou Meredith 1 year ago


    We have been made aware that a number of people have struggled to access the consultation on Coding of PChSW2: Arthroscopic procedures (W84.8) . Please accept our apologies as this was due to an error on our part which we have now rectified. If you are still experiencing problems, please use the contact us link at the foot of this page and the site owner will get back to you. Best wishes, Gavin

    By Gavin McIntosh 1 year ago

  • Clinical coding standard consultation - PChSW2: Arthroscopic procedures (W84.8)

    A new standard  consultation is now available and will run until 03 November 2017. The standard PChSW2: Arthroscopic procedures (W84.8) has been updated as a result of a number of helpdesk queries, and we welcome your comments and feedback. Access the consultation via the Consultation area on Delen.

    By Lou Meredith 1 year ago