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  • Chemotherapy Regimens and High Cost Drugs arrangement from April 2018

    NHS England have confirmed that the National Tariff Chemotherapy Regimens list will not be updated in 2018/19, therefore the current list and associated Clinical Coding Standards for 2017/18 must continue to be used from 1 st April 2018. We are continuing discussions with NHS England about the future arrangements for the coding of High Cost Drugs using OPCS-4 and will provide an update as soon as we are in a position to do so. In the meantime, please continue to capture high cost drugs using the National Tariff High Cost Drugs list 2015-16 and associated High Cost Drugs Clinical Coding Standards-OPCS-4. The standards document has been updated to reflect the addition of the drug Amikacin to coding standard HCDCS6 . This was omitted when the standard was first introduced and was previously shown as a manual amendment in Coding Clinic Ref 111 . The National Tariff Chemotherapy Regimens List 2017 – 18, Chemotherapy Regimens Clinical Coding Standards and Guidance...

    By Mandy Hudson 11 months ago

  • Update to the Query Resolution form for use from April 2018

    A new version of the Classifications Query Submission form is now available to download from the Query Resolution area on Delen. For your convenience, we have included the link to the new form here.
    The updated form includes our new name along with the current copyright year. Please ensure you use this version of the form from 1st April 2018.
    Kind regards
    Terminology and Classifications Delivery Service

    By Mandy Hudson 11 months ago

  • Query Resolution Database update - Biopsy of Denonvillier's fascia

    The resolution to UID 4111 has been removed and replaced with UID 4734.

    By Mandy Hudson 11 months ago

  • Classification Maps in the NHS Digital SNOMED CT browser

    The maps from SNOMED CT to the OPCS-4 and ICD-10 classifications can be viewed in the NHS Digital SNOMED CT Browser. We have produced a short guide, outlining the purpose and use of the maps. Please see the Classification Maps page for more information.

    By Mandy Hudson 11 months ago