Recorded presentations are aimed at anyone who would like a good basic understanding of SNOMED CT.

  • An Introduction to SNOMED CT - This recorded presentation is an introduction to SNOMED CT and covers SNOMED CT features, examples of use and benefits. It looks at why a single terminology, what a terminology is, some of the features of SNOMED CT and gives some examples of where SNOMED CT is currently used and its benefits.
  • An Introduction to the release files in Release Format 2 (Technical) - This presentation is aimed at developers and technical implementers. It assumes a basic understanding of SNOMED CT. This webinar gives an overview of the different SNOMED CT UK extensions, walks you through the release files and the different release packs, looks at the content of the Release Format 2 files and highlight aspects of the file specifications, finally it illustrates how you might process these with some SQL scripts.
  • Finding Content in SNOMED CT - This recorded presentation takes you through the techniques for successfully searching SNOMED CT for the clinical terms you require. It goes through searching for individual terms, groups of related terms and terms related to a specific speciality as well as simple tips for making your searches successful.
  • An Introduction to SNOMED CT for Cosmetic Surgery - A presentation derived from that delivered to the Cosmetic Surgery domain leads at the Royal College of Surgeons in 2015. It explains the nature of SNOMED CT and how its use could be of benefit in that sub-specialty, these principles would apply equally to any domain. PLEASE NOTE: We are aware of issues accessing the 'Introduction to SNOMED CT for Cosmetic Surgery' presentation in the Chrome browser. To remedy this, please disable the Chrome PDF viewer or use an alternative browser.

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