Technical manuals, guidance and reports provide more detailed information about SNOMED CT.

  • SNOMED CT Implementation Guide  - A guide to help organisations implement the Information Standard SNOMED CT and includes links to additional guidance. The document is aimed at anyone who has responsibility for implementing SNOMED CT.
  • SNOMED CT Implementation Requirements - Includes sample statement for use in procurement of systems that incorporates SNOMED CT, this is also useful for those developing systems to understand the expected functionality.
  • Using SNOMED CT in Health and Social Care for Care Planning - A national programme to look at the requirements for electronic care planning was undertaken between 2006 and 2013. This developed an approach using the terminology SNOMED CT and provided a number of re-usable standard care plans, but which could also be tailored for a specific patient or need. The approach, the SNOMED CT subsets and details of the technical artefacts are available to download via the Technology Reference Update Distribution (TRUD) site. These are in use at a number of trusts and are maintained in line with terminology updates.
  • Inactive Content Technical Report 12/022 - Addresses inactive content in SNOMED CT.

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