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Abandoned laparoscopic hysterectomy

UID: 3978
Date of resolution: 06 Sep 2017
Date added to database: 12 Sep 2017
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  • OPCS-4.8
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Could you please confirm whether it would be appropriate to show any OPCS codes for the following scenario:

Patient admitted electively for laparoscopic hysterectomy. Patient was given both spinal and general anaesthetic. Small suprapubic incision made to allow the Veress needle to be inserted and abdomen inflated. Sudden drop in heart rate so abdomen deflated. Patient suffered a cardiac arrest and so the procedure was abandoned.

I have discussed this with several of my colleagues and we are not confident that the stage of abandonment can be accurately captured with the OPCS codes available. We have discussed the use of T48.8 Other specified operations on peritoneum but are unsure if this is appropriate as the steps taken up to the point of abandonment were to prepare for the main operation and so are uncertain whether we should be classifying them as a procedure in their own right.


Following PGCS3: Incomplete, unfinished, abandoned and failed procedures, procedures must be coded to the stage reached at the abandonment. Therefore, based on the documentation provided, the recommended OPCS-4.8 codes to classify a patient who was planned for a laparoscopic hysterectomy which was abandoned due to complications after administration of anaesthetic and a suprapubic incision was made are:  

T31.8 Other specified other operations on anterior abdominal wall
Y30.9 Unspecified incision of organ NOC

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  • Yes