NICIP Statement May 2021

Further updates and releases of the National Interim Clinical Imaging Procedure (NICIP) code set have been placed on hold with immediate effect - this is to allow the outcome of the following workstreams: 

  1. A formal position is being sought from NHSX on the strategic direction of NICIP and the long-term intention to move to the use of a single terminology of SNOMED CT. 
  2.  NHS England and Improvement are looking to commission a piece of discovery work that aims to identify how to improve the collection, utility and dissemination of the Diagnostic Imaging Dataset; this could include reviewing opportunities and impacts of updating NICIP and/or transition to SNOMED CT. 

If you have any questions, please contact the Information Standards Service Desk  

NICIP Code Set - April 2020 Release Information

The biannual release of new National Interim Clinical Imaging Procedure (NICIP) code set content scheduled for 1 April 2020 will only include the NICIP-OPCS-4.9 mapping update and no changes to NICIP-SNOMED CT mappings.  

All other NICIP files will be static from the June 2019 release and can continue to be used though files dated with the April 2020 release are included but remain static.  The next full release will again follow our schedule for October 2020. 

The content originally planned to be released on 1 April 2020 was expected to include NICIP to SNOMED CT map updates to new international SNOMED CT content. In light of the current pandemic, we recognise that large scale changes to the coding framework could impose significant assurance and change management burden on suppliers, which may delay the deployment of care-critical SNOMED CT COVID-19 content.  Because of this a limited NICIP release as described above will be available.


The National Interim Clinical Imaging Procedure (NICIP) code set enables accurate ordering of medical procedures and direct commissioning of services. The NICIP terminology provides a common, consistent and unambiguous representation of imaging procedures, for consistent recording and sharing of information.

The NICIP code set and associated documentation are available for download via TRUD.

Request a change

Clinicians and system managers working with the Picture Archiving Communication Systems and Radiology Information Systems can make requests for additions to the NICIP code set via the Request Submission Portal.

All requests will be reviewed by terminologists at NHS Digital against existing NICIP content and the under-pinning editorial principles.

We recommend that you read the NICIP covering letter before submitting any requests, as this summarises the main changes since the previous version.

Who manages NICIP?

Work has been overseen and endorsed by the Clinical Imaging Management Group (CIMG). It has representation from the following stakeholders:

  • Department of Health and Social Care
  • British Medical Association
  • British Nuclear Medicine Society
  • NHS Digital
  • NHS England
  • Regional NHS representatives
  • Representatives of trusts in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland
  • Royal College of General Practitioners
  • Royal College of Radiologists (including a number of special interest groups)
  • Society of Radiographers
  • System suppliers

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