Education and Training

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Finding your way around SNOMED CT

This presentation uses the NHS Digital SNOMED Browser to help you understand how SNOMED CT is structured and how to find clinical terms. Also try our workbook with associated answers to get hands on experience in finding appropriate terms.

Case Studies

We have developed and published a number of case studies to provide information around how to implement SNOMED CT into an Electronic Health Record, and consider the benefits of SNOMED CT across healthcare.

Click here to view them

Webinar Training

We have previously held webinars to provide a basic understanding for SNOMED CT and illustrate how to use a browser to find terms.  

Click here to view more and register your interest in future webinars

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Courses and Certification

SNOMED International offers a range of education courses and certification exams. Their courses provide a structured learning program for beginners through to advanced users of SNOMED CT, while their certification allow individuals to be recognized for their capabilities in specific skill areas.

To apply for one of the courses or register for a certification exam, visit the SNOMED CT Course Catalogue.

E-Learning Services

Access the SNOMED CT eLearning Platform to access:

  • Starter Tutorials
  • Presentation Index
  • eLearning Course Information and Guides
  • SNOMED CT Document Library
  • Member Education Resources
  • SNOMED CT Expo Presentations
  • SNOMED CT Challenge
  • Certificate Verification Service

Note: You will need to create an account on the eLearning platform to access the above resources.

Starter Tutorials

The SNOMED CT Starter Tutorials provide an introduction to the key benefits of SNOMED CT.

Note: You can access these tutorials without creating an account on the eLearning platform. 

Presentation Library

The SNOMED CT Presentation Library allows you to view a wide range of SNOMED CT education presentations.

Note: You can access these presentations without creating an account on the eLearning Platform.