Classifications Browser and e-Versions

NHS Digital provides two electronic versions of the Classifications; the Classifications Browser and the eVersion.

Service Updates and Known Issues

Behaviour of links to standards - January 2020 - The result of selecting a standards reference link depends on which browser application (edge, chrome etc) is being used; the reference books may be opened as a pdf or in a new tab in the browser and links may not always work.

A long term solution will be investigated and applied to ensure the behaviour of links to standards is consistent across all supported browsers.

Read more for closed issues.

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Search Issue - January/February 2020 - The search function returns 'Timeout happen' without returning any results.

A short term fix was applied initially. A permanent fix is now in place and this issue has been rectified.

The Classifications Browser

The Browser contains the OPCS-4 Classification of Interventions and Procedures version 4.8 (OPCS-4.8) and version 4.9 (OPCS-4.9).  It allows you to search and browse the classification online and offers a number of benefits and improvements on the eVersion:

  • Accessible from any computer with an internet connection
  • Content is automatically updated with the latest OPCS-4 triennial release e.g. OPCS-4.9, without users having to download new content files etc.
  • Contains links to the National Clinical Coding Standards that are updated automatically with the annual release of the coding standards
    • Coders in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales can access their respective standards via the links in the Resources page
  • Powerful search facility which includes; search history, search filter, wildcard search and fuzzy match, search help and a clear display of where results are located in the Classification with the ability to minimise and maximise search results
  • Ability to add browser bookmarks and favourites to chapters, categories and codes
  • Resources page with links to other useful Classification publications.

OPCS-4.9 content and the ICD-10 and OPCS-4 reference books 2020 will be available in the browser in early 2020.

The next phase of development will include the ability to create and share notes and include ICD-10 content (subject to World Health Organization agreement).

The Classifications Browser will, eventually, replace the NHS Digital eVersion when the same or improved functionality (including the creation and sharing of notes) and content (OPCS-4 and ICD-10) is available. 

Planned enhancements

  • Addition of functionality allowing users to create and share notes and migrate them to new versions of the classifications
  • Addition of ICD-10 (pending agreement from WHO)
  • Addition of links at cross references in Volume II – Alphabetical Index
  • Tour of the application that summarises the user guide content

Known Issues

ICD-10 Search function does not work - October 2021 - In some instances of the eViewer the ICD-10 search function does not return any results. When a search is performed the message ‘Sorry, but nothing found’ is returned. 

Only the ICD-10 search function is affected, the OPCS-4 search function is not affected, and the ICD-10 Alphabetical Index and Tabular List can still be accessed to apply the four step coding process. We believe that this issue is due to a Windows 10 update. In some cases users have been able to role back the update and in other cases the issue has resolved spontaneously. We are currently investigating the issue. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience this has caused.

The eVersion

The eVersion consists of the eViewer application into which eVersions of the classification books and standards can be imported and viewed. The eversion:

  • contains both ICD-10 and OPCS-4 classifications content
  • reproduces the familiar ICD-10 and OPCS-4 book format
  • has powerful search, navigation and retrieval functions
  • supports the addition of notes to codes. These notes can be transferred between eVersions of the classifications. This saves time on manual transcription of notes.
  • eVersion users can share their notes via the export and import functions
  • enables coders to email directly from the eVersion
  • supports hyperlinks to documents and websites
  • contains the National Clinical Coding Standards OPCS-4 and ICD-10 reference books

The eViewer (eVersion) application, along with the ICD-10 and OPCS-4 e-Version books and the Reference books for use in the eViewer are available to download via TRUD

ICD-10 5th Edition eVersion Errata changes

The are a number of issues and discrepancies in the printed ICD-10 5th Edition volumes published by the World Health Organisation (WHO) which are replicated in the ICD-10 5th Edition eVersion. The eVersion is developed by NHS Digital using data supplied by WHO. For users of the eVersion we have produced a set of shared notes replicating the errata entries which can be imported into the eVersion.

The notes in XML format are downloadable here.

Importing shared notes

Save the xml file to your computer and then import it (do not open the file) by following the instructions in the User Guide: Section 20 How to import a note. The User Guide is accessed via the eViewer Help menu/ Help Contents.

To check the notes after import, see User Guide: Section 19 How can I read my notes in a single document. Please use the HTML option. You can also insert 'type:note' in the search field to see all the notes in your eVersion.

The new errata notes may conflict with your existing notes as described at subsection 20.2 of the User Guide. Merger of the conflicting notes may cause loss of formatting involving spacing, bullet points, indents and the red background to indicate text to be deleted. Where the review screen identifies a conflict, please change the note manually using the Errata list in the Coding Clinic.

ICD-10 5th Edition Emergency Use codes in U06 and U07

There are codes within categories U06 and U07 that have been designated for emergency use by the WHO for Zika Virus (U06.9), Vaping (U07.0) and COVID-19 (U07.1-U07.7). These codes are available within the ICD-10 5th Edition (2016) Codes and Titles file and the WHO ICD-10 Volume 1 Tabular List but their descriptions remain as ‘Emergency use of’ as it would be too great a burden on users to issue an update to the files.

In order to assist users of the eVersion we have created a set of shared notes reflecting the code descriptions of the codes designated for emergency use within categories U06 and U07 that can be imported into the eVersion.

The notes in XML format are downloadable here.

Import the notes following the same ‘Importing shared notes’ instructions above.

The notes originally released in November 2020 have been updated (in February 20201) to include the two further codes at U07.6 and U07.7 that were released for use from 1 February 2021. For users who have already imported the notes released in November 2020 you will only need to accept the notes at U07.6 and U07.7 when undertaking the import.

Results for Overdose > See Table of drugs and chemicals appears to show a blank page

When the link to ‘See Table of drugs and chemical’ is selected, either via a search or by following the four step coding process, the result appears to be a blank page.

What appears to be a blank page is not actually a blank page but the header page for the Table of Drugs and Chemicals section within the Alphabetical Index. Each of the Sections within Volume 3 – Alphabetical Index (Alphabetical index of diseases and nature of injury, External causes of Injury and Table of drugs and chemicals) each have a single heading page within the eVersion, as do each of the entries for each letter under the heading page. This means that it is not possible to scroll from the heading page into the entries under Drug A. Similarly for each letter within each of these sections (Alphabetical A-Z, External A-Z and Drug A-Z) it is not possible to scroll between sections, i.e. from Drug A to Drug B. 

The link for the Table of drugs and chemicals directs to the single header page but the tree on the left of the screen does not sync to that page, which does give the impression that the page is blank and has no content underneath it. As stated in section 9 Sync tree with page button of the eViewer help; the tree sync functionality is unavailable in ICD-10 and the navigation tree does not follow the position of the page as the user scrolls.

Therefore to access the content of the Table of drugs and chemical the user should navigate back to the Index tab, to Volume 3 – Alphabetical Index and then to the appropriate section (i.e. Table of drugs and chemicals). Unfortunately the structure used within the eVersion is a necessity and cannot be changed.

The recording (without sound) on the right illustrates the issue and how to navigate to the table of drugs and chemicals.