SNOMED CT Terminology Releases

SNOMED CT UK Clinical Edition

In light of the current pandemic, changes have been made to the release cycle for the UK SNOMED CT Clinical Edition in order to respond quickly to the recording needs in the health and care records. Small COVID-19 related SNOMED CT releases are planned in the forthcoming weeks as new coding requirements emerge. 

We recognise that large scale changes to the coding release impose a significant assurance and change management burden on system suppliers; our priority has therefore been to facilitate rapid deployment of care-critical COVID-19 terms. 

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Release published on 11 November 2020

New RNA Detection positive and RNA negative concepts

The next UK SNOMED CT update will therefore contain 2 new concepts for specifying positive and negative RNA detection results. Suppliers receiving PMIP messages should update their standardised description mapping tables accordingly, by updating the simple mapping refset that is included with the release.

New RNA result types

This link communicates a new requirement for including the ability to identify RNA detection tests as “positive at the limit of detection”. To reflect this, the SNOMED CT UK Edition has authored a new concept and new Standardised description for use in PMIP messages code SARS-COV-2-ORGL.

Release published on 12 August 2020

As well as an update to move from the July 2018 to the July 2019 International edition, there is also the addition of new concepts which were originally planned for inclusion in the April 2020 release. This includes some content requested via our request submission portal along with content to support national programmes such as Newborn Blood Spot screening and Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT)

Release published on 17 June 2020

This is the fifth emergency COVID-19 “microrelease”. Changes are restricted to coding expressivity improvements urgently needed to manage the current pandemic. This very narrowed scope should reduce the “content update penalty” on product consumers, and so reduce barriers to the urgent deployment of the new content to the clinical frontline.

Release published on 20 May 2020

This release includes 74 new concepts (and 5 which have altered FSNs / PTs) to support mainly COVID-19 activities.  55 new concepts relate to recording when someone has been involved in a clinical procedure suspected to be aerosol generating, to support research on virus exposure during these procedures. 

One new refset has been created, the NHS Care Record Element association reference set. This replaces the withdrawn SCTCREMAP product, formerly part of the NHS Data Migration Subpack. Further information on this change can be found in the Technical Overview document at section 2.3.

The SNAP update 3: 13th May contains the full list of codes.

Release published on 22 April 2020

The main focus of content is Laboratory tests and results. This also contains a number of tests with their results in a single term to facilitate recording in GP Patient records. Full list of codes is in the SNAP update Issue 1: April 15th .

Release published on 01 April 2020

This was a very small release; in order to add COVID-19 content only. Details of new codes available can be found on the diagram of which codes to use at what stage in the care pathway and the descriptions associated with the new codes published. 

The original planned content for April 2020, which included new codes such as digital child health, new-born screening, improving access to psychological therapies (IAPT) and mental health, is now planned to be provided in October 2020. 

Please Note: All interim requests for COVID-19 terms are considered in consultation with NHS Digital’s Clinical Director (Medical), NHSX, NHS England and Improvement, Public Health England and the Department of Health and Social Care.


The biannual release of new National Interim Clinical Imaging Procedure (NICIP) code set published on 01 April 2020 only includes the NICIP-OPCS-4.9 mapping update and no changes to NICIP- SNOMEDCT maps.

All other NICIP files remain unchanged from the June 2019 release and can continue to be used. The next full release will follow our schedule for October 2020. 

UK SNOMED CT Drug Extension

The regular four-weekly release of the UK SNOMED CT Drug Extension content will continue to the usual schedule.