Clinical Coding Auditor Assessment Day


The Clinical Coding Auditor Assessment Day ensures only competent, experienced and accredited clinical coders are admitted onto the Clinical Coding Auditor Programme (CCAP).

The Assessment Day aims to:

  • give applicants the second step towards demonstrating that they have the skills and knowledge to become an Approved Clinical Coding Auditor.
  • provide an opportunity for applicants to network with potential Approved Clinical Coding Auditors from other organisations.

What do I need to know?

We have scheduled the CCAP Assessment Days and Auditor Workshop as ‘classroom only’ events. We have considered the possibility of, and in some cases trialled, alternative facilitation methods, but due to the nature of these events, this is not possible without compromising their integrity and effectiveness.

Successful attendees on the CCAP Assessment Day will automatically secure a place on the Clinical Coding Audit Workshop. Course places will be confirmed via an email from our helpdesk.

The Assessment Day costs are absorbed into the full Auditor Programme. If you are successful in progressing to the CCAP, you will not be charged for the Assessment Day and will only need to pay for the Auditor Workshop.

Please note that anyone applying for the 2021-22 Clinical Coding Auditor Programme (CCAP) or Clinical Coding Trainer Programme (CCTP) should ensure that - where a Purchase Order (PO) is being obtained - this is attached with the application documents, rather than emailed to separately by the organisation’s Finance or Procurement department.

We are unable to process applications for programmes where the PO is not included within the application documents. In such circumstances, we will have no option but to reject the application, pending re-submission with the PO. Where demand for programmes is high, this may result in applicants failing to secure a place.

Purchase orders should quote: 





Following cancellation of the Clinical Coding Auditor Programme (CCAP) in 2020-21 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all people who successfully applied for the 2020-21 Assessment Days are being carried over to 2021-22, without needing to re-apply. 

Applications for any of the original applicants now overdue their Clinical Coding Standards Refresher Course (CCSRC) training will still stand; however, you are advised to book onto a course as soon as possible in 2021/22. For information about trainers who have our permission to deliver CCSRC training remotely, please contact

How can I apply?

Find out how to apply for the Clinical Coding Auditor Assessment Day in the CCAP Handbook.  The 2021-22 Handbooks will be released on Delen on 1 April 2021 and candidates will then need to refer to the updated Handbooks when preparing / studying for the Assessment Day itself, although we anticipate that any changes to their content will be minimal.

CCAP Checklist

CCAP Application Form

CCAP Curriculum Vitae

Upcoming Dates

19 May 2021 – Novotel Leeds City (Course code AA1) – FULLY BOOKED     


NHS delegates: £154.41 (no VAT payable)

non-NHS delegates: £185.29 (inclusive of VAT)

Please note that Purchase Orders / Promise to pay documents should quote:

  • “Clinical Coding Auditor Assessment Day” and the appropriate amount quoted above, plus:
  • “Auditor Workshop” and the appropriate amount (£486:01 for NHS delegates or £583.21 for non-NHS delegates)

If you do not pass the Assessment Day, we will charge £154.41 or £185.29. If you pass the Assessment Day, we will only charge for the Auditor Workshop event.

Common Errors

Drawing upon the most recent CCAP Assessment Day, the Terminology and Classifications Delivery Service have produced a Summary of Common Errors document. This document provides an overview of the common errors made in both the Practical and Theory papers along with explanations / rationales as appropriate to assist anyone thinking of applying for the CCAP.

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