Query Resolution Database

The Query Resolution Database contains the resolutions we have provided to classifications and associated clinical coding queries received by our Product Support helpdesk in NHS England.

Support and Advice

How to use the Query Resolution Database

The Query Resolution Database (QRD) gives you access to resolutions we have provided to customer queries. Many of these relate to clinical coding queries. If you are a clinical coder, or are accessing clinical coding query resolutions, please be aware of the following important points:

  • Due to the nature of clinical coding and classifications, there are situations where there is no definitive ICD-10/OPCS-4 code(s) and the resolution is a recommendation only
  • Resolutions should be used to inform discussions at Trusts and aid the coding of patients’ episodes of care. We ask that queries are not raised in relation to a previous QRD resolution unless the response contravened a coding rule, convention or standard in use at that time
  • While resolutions will be consistent with national standards, they are not national standards and must not be referred to when answering questions within the NCCQ (UK) examination or questions within clinical coding training materials produced by the Terminology and Classifications Delivery Service. This has been confirmed to all approved clinical coding trainers and is clarified to delegates in the introduction of each course.
  • Resolutions are also not to be used for Clinical Coding Audit purposes. Please see Section 3 of ‘A Guide to Clinical Coding Audit Best Practice’ and Section 3.6 of the Clinical Coding Audit Methodology (the Clinical Coding Audit Methodology is only available to approved clinical coding auditors) for further information in relation to clinical coding audit.
  • Resolutions published on the QRD were provided to original submitters in response to specific queries and related supporting documentation, so may not be relevant to all similar situations
  • Some resolutions may no longer apply due to subsequent changes in mandated versions of the classification or coding standard(s). Users should ensure that, if using a resolution from the QRD, it is still appropriate at that time; this can be done by checking the ‘Date of resolution’ and ‘Query type’ fields.
  • Due to Information Governance constraints, we are unable to publish extracts from anonymised patient medical records
  • The QRD includes the majority of queries answered by us but excludes those we feel would not be of use to the wider service. Examples would be a unique situation or a request for long lists of codes from non-coding professionals
  • The database and any entries held on the database may be withdrawn at any point at the discretion of the Terminology and Classifications Delivery Service. The status of the resolution will indicate whether it has been removed or replaced and a blog will be published on Delen to inform the service of the change.
  • We always strive to provide reliable and useful resolutions, but if you see an error or have a suggestion for improvement, please let us know.

Update: 19 August 2021

To ensure that the resolutions relating to the coding of COVID-19 are up to date, we have marked those that have been superseded by updates to the coding standards. Whilst this may not affect the coding service, this may be useful for information analysts who may access the database for coding guidance. Please note, this is a unique exercise specific to COVID-19 and we do not anticipate that this will be performed for other resolutions on the Query Resolution Database (QRD), therefore we recommend that if using a resolution from the QRD, you ensure that it is still appropriate at that time; this can be done by checking the ‘Date of resolution’ and ‘Query type’ fields.

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1,941 entries

List of entries in this database
Key TermUIDDate of resolutionDate added to databaseQuery typeStatus

A-scan ultrasound biometry

01 Mar 2018 07 Mar 2018 View

AABR hearing test in babies

10 Nov 2017 13 Nov 2017 View

Abandoned hysteroscopy

28 Sep 2017 View

Abandoned laparoscopic hysterectomy

06 Sep 2017 12 Sep 2017 View

Abdominal aortic aneurysm

16 Aug 2018 24 Aug 2018 View

Abdominal Wall Metastases

08 May 2017 15 May 2017 View

AC Radial Extension

16 May 2017 30 May 2017 View

Acculturaton difficulty

12 Feb 2020 20 Feb 2020 View

ACDF with laterality

21 Jun 2017 27 Jun 2017 View

Acetabular bone graft

18 Apr 2018 26 Apr 2018 View
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