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  • eVersion Notes for ICD-10 Emergency Use Codes

    Published November 2020

    Dear Colleague, 

    There are now a number of codes within categories U06.- Emergency use of U06 and U07.- Emergency use of U07 that have been designated for use for Zika Virus (U06.9), Vaping (U07.0) and COVID-19 (U07.1-U07.5). The codes within categories U06 and U07 are available within the ICD-10 5th Edition Codes and Titles file and the WHO ICD-10 Volume 1 Tabular List but their descriptions remain as ‘Emergency use of’ as it would be too great a burden on users to issue an update to the files.

    In order to assist users of the eVersion we have created a set of shared notes reflecting the code descriptions of the codes designated for emergency use within categories U06 and U07 that can be imported into the eVersion. These are available on our Classifications Browser and e-Versions page.

    Kind regards,

    Terminology and Classifications Delivery Service

    By Andrew Brooke 1 year ago

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  • ICD-10 Emergency use codes for COVID-19

    Published: November 2020

    Dear Colleague, 

    The following three ICD-10 codes in category U07 are now available for use for episodes ending on or after 01 November 2020 to identify conditions that occur in the context of COVID-19. 

    U07.3 Personal history of COVID-19

    U07.4 Post COVID-19 condition

    U07.5 Multisystem inflammatory syndrome associated with COVID-19

    These codes are for use with immediate effect. There is no expectation for episodes already coded on or after 01 November to be recoded, unless there is a local requirement to do so.

    These codes must be used with the COVID-19 Clinical Coding Standards and Guidance which have been updated to instruct coders on their use.

    Note that the conditions at codes U07.3, U07.4 and U07.5 were designated by the World Health Organisation (WHO) at categories U08, U09 and U10 for countries that are unable to report codes at four-character level. However, as these categories are not currently included as part of the NHS ICD-10 5th Edition data file, the WHO has agreed that countries which are technically constrained from using the issued three-character categories may utilise available emergency four-character codes already included at U07. Further information is available on the COVID-19 and ICD-10 page on Delen.

    The emergency codes and descriptions and associated COVID-19 clinical coding standards and guidance are available on the COVID-19 National Clinical Coding Standards and Guidance page.

    Kind regards,

    Terminology and Classifications Delivery Service

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    By Victoria Tudge 1 year ago

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