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Announcing the closure of the Clinical Coding Academy Network

Published: May 2018

The Clinical Coding Academy Network (CCA Network) was established in 2011 with the aim of delivering high quality training to the NHS clinical coding community.

In discussion with our partners at West Midlands Clinical Coding Academy (WMCCA) and Mersey Internal Audit Agency Clinical Coding Academy (MIAA CCA), it has become apparent that a lot has changed since the network was originally conceived, in terms of the challenges faced by NHS Trusts, the opportunities that technology now provides for different ways of working and the different models that trusts are finding to meet their evolving training needs. In particular, we are aware that:

  • more in-house trainers are being appointed to support career development paths
  • more bespoke and flexible training materials are being designed for local needs
  • more trainers and coders want to be involved in the design and development of materials.

To support this changing landscape, we at NHS Digital and the Academies, have jointly decided that a different approach is required, that better suits today’s circumstances and, thus, we have agreed to close down the network as it was originally established.

This is no reflection on the Academies themselves; their support and efforts over the past seven years have been a great help to NHS Digital and the coding community, but times change and we need to adapt.

We would like to reassure members of the clinical coding community that NHS Digital remains committed to ensuring that your training needs are supported, both in terms of training materials and training delivery. Some of our plans and ongoing commitments are set out below:

1. Training Materials

NHS Digital will continue to develop and make available the national clinical coding training materials. We would also like to facilitate the collaborative development of specialist training materials and to provide a national platform for organisations to share specialist training materials that they have developed locally. We believe that this would reduce the amount of duplicated work and allow trusts to take advantage of community knowledge and expertise to ultimately benefit the NHS as a whole. Our view is that the Approved Trainer Workspace on Delen, provides a good platform for this and if trainers agree, we will schedule some design sessions over the next few weeks, with the aim of having the platform in place in early summer. We are also about to launch our e-Learning environment via the IT Skills Pathway and there may be opportunities for locally created e-Learning to be made available nationally via that platform.

2. Training Delivery

NHS Digital will continue to manage and deliver the Trainer and Auditor Programmes and will continue to manage the accreditation of approved clinical coding trainers.

We would like to express our sincere thanks to WMCCA, MIAA CCA and the other organisations who have worked with us on the CCA Network over the years. If you have any questions about this change, please contact us via information.standards@nhs.net

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