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Mental Health Clinical Coding Training Questionnaire

Published: March 2019

The Terminology and Classifications Delivery Service is undertaking a review of the training materials and options currently available to Mental Health coding departments, namely the Mental Health Clinical Coding Standards Course (MHCCSC) and Mental Health Clinical Coding Standards Refresher Course (MHCCSRC).

The purpose of this review is to assess whether or not  the materials are fit for purpose (i.e. that they cover those aspects of Mental Health activity to equip a trainee coder with the requisite skills and knowledge), they are delivered in the most appropriate format possible (i.e. modular, blended learning – a mixture of classroom based and online training, etc.), and that they are still relevant.  

If you have previously been - or are currently employed as - a Mental Health coder or have attended either the MHCCSC or MHCCSRC, we would appreciate your input by taking a few minutes to complete the below questionnaire. Please give your honest and constructive thoughts on your experience of attending a Mental Health Clinical Coding Standards or Refresher Course, the deadline for completion is the 27th May 2019.

The questionnaire can be accessed here.

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