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Published: April 2019

Although Delen continues to receive very high user satisfaction scores (94% in our 2018 survey) we know how important it is to keep striving for improvements. In our 2018-19 Service Improvement Plan, we therefore committed to making Delen more accessible for our users and over the past few months we have undertaken a significant redesign project.

We are pleased to announce that you can now see the results of this project by visiting our new Delen “Beta” site. Our aim is to provide you with a fresh Delen experience that takes advantage of enhanced functionality and enables you to get to the content you need as quickly as possible. Please take a moment to visit the Beta site and tell us what you think by using the feedback link on the home page. Throughout April we will continue to refine the design in response to feedback from users and our plan is to switch to the new design at the beginning of May.

Please note that the content contained on the Beta site is for illustrative purposes only and will not be maintained, so you should continue to use the existing site as your authoritative source of information.

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