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Re-release of National Clinical Coding Standards OPCS-4 Reference Book (2021) and publication of COVID-19 National Clinical Coding Standards (01 April 2021)

Published March 2021

Dear Colleague, 

The National Clinical Coding Standards OPCS-4 reference book (2021) has been re-released with the addition of a new coding standard PCSK10: Renewal of pacemaker generator/battery (K73.- and K74.-) and a minor correction to PCSU9: Bone densitometry (U13.1). It is now available to download from the Publications & Resources page on Delen.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

In response to feedback from the coding service, we have published the COVID-19 National Clinical Coding Standards (01 April 2021) in a downloadable format for use from 01 April 2021. Based on feedback received through the Product Support Helpdesk, the standards have been updated as follows:

  • Minor textual changes to provide clarity on the instruction within the standard
  • Deletion of standards associated with routine testing as this has now become standard practice on hospital admissions
  • Additional examples to illustrate the use of the COVID-19 emergency use codes

All changes can be found in the Summary of Changes section with a rationale for the change where applicable. These changes will take effect from 01 April 2021, at which point the COVID-19 Delen page will also be updated.

Kind regards

Terminology & Classifications Delivery Service

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