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COVID-19 coded data review, England, 2020-21

Dear Colleagues,

Following publication of the COVID-19 National Clinical Coding Standards and guidance, we have analysed the coded data recorded in HES Admitted Patient Care 2020-21 to evaluate adherence to the standards. We have evaluated the coding of COVID-19 pneumonia and the implementation of the new OPCS-4.9 code E85.6 Continuous positive airway pressure. Our findings can be found here or via COVID-19 National Clinical Coding Standards and Guidance.

This article is aimed at clinical coding professionals working in secondary care, and those with an interest in coded data, to highlight the importance of accurate and consistent clinical coding for quality COVID-19 data. We hope you find this information interesting. We intend to publish more of this type of information and we welcome feedback on the format and also suggestions for any other areas of interest you would like us to review.

 Kind regards

 Terminology and Classifications Delivery Service

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