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Terminology and Classifications Delivery Service Newsletter: March 2022

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Terminology and Classifications Delivery Service Newsletter

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Welcome to the March Newsletter. In this issue we feature:

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National Clinical Coding Standards

The ICD-10 and OPCS-4.9 national clinical coding standards and guidance, primarily aimed at clinical coding professionals, ensure consistent application of the classifications and associated rules.

Taking account of a recent review of user feedback, along with improved publication methods, we plan to streamline our processes and merge the clinical coding standards as follows: 

National Clinical Coding Standards – ICD-10 (reference books) will incorporate:

  • Coding Clinic content (diseases and related health problems)
  • COVID-19 standards and guidance

National Clinical Coding Standards – OPCS-4 (reference books) will incorporate:

  • Coding Clinic content (interventions and procedures)
  • Chemotherapy Regimen Clinical Coding Standards and Guidance

These changes mean that – from 01 April 2022 – all national clinical coding standards and guidance will be accessible in the applicable reference book. These will be published  by 04 March 2022 on Delen (our collaboration platform) and held in the Classifications Browser and eVersion.

All previous Coding Clinics and Chemotherapy Regimen Clinical Coding Standards and Guidance published on Delen will be archived for historical reference.

We also plan to engage with the clinical coding community on the clinical coding standards in development to provide an early opportunity for user feedback prior to publication and we are working through the process to achieve this.

We are keen to continually improve our processes and provide products that meet users’ needs, make sense to our users, and add value in users’ day-to-day work. We always welcome feedback through our helpdesk information.standards@nhs.net or via our annual survey.

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SNOMED CT 2022-23 Release Schedule

We have reviewed the SNOMED CT release schedule for 2022-2023, with the following outcomes:

  • exact dates of the SNOMED CT UK Clinical Edition have now been set and are published on the SNOMED CT Release Schedule page.
  • we will update the SNOMED CT International release content three times this year so we can catch up with International releases
  • the SNOMED CT UK Drug Extension will remain on a four-weekly release schedule

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2022/23 Classifications Training Schedule

We recently made an announcement about the 2022-23 training schedule and details are available in the Latest News area.

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New Information Standard for medication and allergy / intolerance information 

A new Information Standard has been published to support improved medication and allergy / intolerance information sharing across healthcare services in England. The new Information Standard will standardise medication message content, enabling transfer of prescription information across health and care settings in England to help reduce medicines-related errors and improve patient safety. 

The Standard will enable medicines information to be more efficiently shared between NHS and social care organisations, including primary and secondary care – from hospitals and GP practices to residential care homes, mental health trusts, and pharmacies. It will be particularly beneficial in reducing medication errors when patients transfer between care locations. 

As well as providing clinicians with a more detailed and consistent source of medicines-related information across all care settings, the Standard will also enable healthcare professionals to obtain medicines information in a quicker, more efficient manner, saving valuable time and improving patient care. 

This will be achieved by:

  • transferring medication information, using the newest UK version of FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resource), using either ‘Medication Codable Concept’ or ‘Medication Resource’, as is most appropriate to the use case
  • usage of dose syntax to transfer the amount of medication per dose as a simple coded quantity
  • transferring allergy / intolerance information, using SNOMED CT and dm+d codes

NHS and social care organisations will need to be compliant with the standard by 31 March 2023.

You can view the standard via this link.

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New Dictionary of Medicines and Devices (dm+d) e-learning Programme

A new e-learning resource has been created to help explain what the dm+d standard is, the benefits of using it, and how dm+d can be implemented in secondary care, including hospitals, clinics and community care settings across England.

The animated e-learning sessions aim to unlock safer care by covering key areas related to the dm+d standard.

  1. What is dm+d?
  2. Why you should adopt the dm+d standard
  3. How to adopt the dm+d standard

Each of the sessions takes approximately 25 minutes to complete and contributes to your continuing professional development. A certificate can be downloaded on completion of each session.

The e-learning content can be accessed on the elearning for healthcare website.

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dm+d data now available through a web API

dm+d, the standard dictionary of codes, descriptions and metadata for medicines and devices used across the NHS, is now available in the NHS Digital Terminology Server.

This means that you can query the most up-to-date data from the dictionary (and seven weeks of historical data) through the Terminology Server’s web API. The old method of downloading XML files from the Technology Reference Update Distribution (TRUD) is still available.

We plan to add Global Trade Item Numbers (GTINs, the numbers used on barcodes) and information about ingredient strength for multi-ingredient products in April 2022.

Please see our guidance for software developers to find out how to integrate your system with the Terminology Server.


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Terminology and Classifications Service Improvement Plan

Details of our service improvement commitments – along with updates about our progress against them – can be found via this link.


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