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Advanced notification of changes to the National Clinical Coding Qualification (UK) from April 2022

Published: May 2022

To help students revise, and to assist managers and trainers to support their trainees, we have published this advance information about changes to the NCCQ (UK) Paper 2 – Theory Exam.

The changes will:

  • improve the exam structure
  • ensure the exam content is better aligned to the objectives of the syllabus
  • ensure that candidates are fully demonstrating the knowledge and skills encompassed by the syllabus, that are valued by employers and are required for onward career progression.

These changes will be effective from 1st April 2022 and be formally introduced in the September 2022 NCCQ (UK) examinations.

There are no changes to Paper 1 – Practical Exam.

Please see the IHRIM Website and the NCCQ(UK) Paper 2 - Theory Technical Changes 2022 document for more information.

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